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What Is Vimbly?

“Imagine if booking a cooking class meant a few clicks instead of an evening of finding schools, comparing their prices, and moving your schedule around to make it work. What if you could wake up Sunday morning and lock down a photography class for that night without picking up the phone? In the age of convenience, why does signing up for an every day activity like pizza making require research or multiple back and forth emails to figure out basic info?

Introducing Vimbly, the easiest way to book your favorite activities or find new ones, without the heavy lifting you’re used to.

Nearly three out of four people have given up on booking an activity just because of the hassle involved.

Using Vimbly, you no longer have to dedicate hours to research. Whether you want a dance class or a more adventurous activity, we present live inventory for numerous activities on a single screen and lets users book instantly. Our goal is to streamline the process of finding and booking activities you enjoy. We only include activities we’d like to do ourselves and we vet all vendors for quality.”

What We Thought

Vimbly is simple to use, easy to navigate and makes discovering new adventures a breeze! Every so often, my husband and I have the luxury of the in laws volunteering to watch the children. This is usually a last minute thing and it leaves us with little time to plan for something. Trying to take full advantage of our “kid free” time, we avoid dabbling too long on what we should go do. This always results in us going to our same favorite restaurant since we  were left with such little time to plan. Don’t get me wrong, I love this restaurant and it’s always great… but I would really love to break the norm and try something new for once! This is where Vimbly comes in handy. How fun and exciting would it be to view a Broadway show for a few hours? I can easily choose my preferred show time from the comfort of my home and the tickets will be waiting there when we arrive. All it takes is a few minutes of my time! Vimbly is simply amazing and has taken the stress out of planning activities!

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