Valentine’s Day Activities Moms Can Do with Little Kids

After you have children, Valentine’s Day can start to slip down the list of priorities, in part because it feels like an event that the little ones can’t really get involved with.

Luckily there are all sorts of ways to combine motherhood with the seasonal significance of February 14, so here are just a few fun, kid-friendly activities to try out yourself this year.

Flower arranging

The amazing colors and alluring scents of flowers make them an appealing prospect for little kids to interact with. And of course if you receive valentines day flowers from a loved one, you’ll likely have a bloom or two to hand to keep youngsters occupied.

The art of flower arranging is fun for all ages; just be sure that the flowers are not burdened with thorny stems. Snip off the spiky parts of roses and their potentially painful counterparts before you let pudgy fingers get a hold of them.

Card making

Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day cards don’t just have to be sent between romantically involved adults. They’re also a perfect way for kids to show their appreciation for their parents, their siblings or any other friends or family members!

There are all sorts of ways to craft Valentine’s cards while involving little kids. Paint-based palm or foot prints make a great design, and are easy to do on a budget. More complex crafting projects can take up a bit more of the morning or afternoon, but require additional equipment and accessories.

Most importantly, be sure to help out with the writing and the message, while leaving your child a place to sign their name. This card could then become a thing to treasure for years to come.

Poetry recitals

Whether or not your kids have learned to read yet, you could harness their cuteness and keep them occupied by getting them excited about performing a poetry recital, perhaps for your partner when they get home.

There are plenty of love poems that kids will enjoy out there, ranging from the super-simple to the more involved. Even if they can only learn a couple of lines, it will be seriously endearing to see them repeat the poem back, and will definitely appeal to children who always want to be in the spotlight.

Movie watching

It’s important for little ones to learn about love, and Valentine’s Day is definitely an opportunity to discuss this with them and share your feelings about it.

Of course lots of creative types have done a great job of exploring this topic in entertaining ways, and there are a multitude of films that do this especially well.

In recent years, Frozen has arguably been the most interesting modern take on a love story, exploring this not between a romantically involved couple, but rather the familial love that exists between two sisters.

So if you’re not already sick of Disney’s iconic animation, watching it with your kids and talking to them about the themes of love afterwards could be rewarding.

Obviously you can tailor your Valentine’s Day activities to the amount of time you have available, and the kinds of things your kids enjoy. All it takes is to go through the day with love on your mind, and it will naturally come out in what you get up to.

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