Using A Lawn Mower For The First Time: Mandatory Safety Tips For Your Child

We all know that using a lawnmower is a fun and an interesting chore. This also means that all kids will like to use it as soon as possible. But, as parents, we must think safe, so you will definitely need a few safety tips to know and understand before you allow your kid to use a lawn mower for the first time.

The minimum age for a kid to use a lawn mower should be 9 years

There isn’t a law of this kind, but it is known that children younger than 9 years of age are not tall or strong enough to use a lawnmower! Wait for at least 9 years before you can give a lawn mower to your kid and watch him use it. Read on some great lawn mowers recommended by Verellenhc.

Pick up the items on the lawn

It happened to all of us. A lawn mower blade caught an item that was hidden in the grass and has caused a big issue. That’s why as a parent, you must pick up all the items that are located on the lawn before your kid can start mowing the lawn. For additional safety, it’s vital you check that all major parts of the lawn mower are working. This includes the engine, blades, and lawn mower tires.

Teach them to respect a lawn mower

This tip is the one that makes a difference. If or when a child understands and respects the lawn mower and each part of it, he will be able to understand how it actually works and that all parts are there for usability and overall safety. These tips are mandatory to know by heart before you allow your kid for the first time to use a lawnmower. 

Wear suitable clothes and shoes

When using a lawn mower, it is essential to wear protective gear and suitable clothes. Long pants, working boots, and protective eyeglasses are mandatory. Anything else isn’t suitable and will decrease the overall safety significantly. A small rock caught by the blade can cause an injury, so you must make sure your child wears all the gear and the suitable clothes we have mentioned!

Adult supervision is a  must

Keep in mind that all children age 9-13 will need adult supervision the first and the next time they use a lawnmower. This is a mandatory tip we can give to you and the one that matters. There are a lot of things that can go wrong and your kid will need you as soon the first issue appears. And yes, there is a feeling of pleasure watching your kid mowing the lawn.

Don’t allow for the grass to get too tall

Here we can see two main issues. The first one is the ability to mow a lawn as efficiently as possible. When the grass is too high, a regular lawn mower won’t be very effective. As a matter of fact, it may be useless and you will need strength in order to push it. All of this makes it impossible for a child to use it! The second issue is the snakes. They like tall grass, so make sure you don’t provide this to them!


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