Use Practical Thinking to Resolve a Family Crisis

How do you survive a family crisis — an unexpected event that forces your family to change, a turning point after which things will never be the same? If you handle it well, things will get better; and if you don’t, they could get worse. Let’s look at two hypothetical examples of a family crisis to figure out what to do. Then, we’ll talk about how your family can work together to resolve it.

What Is a Family Crisis?  

Two examples of a family crisis are dealing with the embarrassment of a DUI and what to do when your family’s sole breadwinner loses a job.

A Simple Way to Deal with a DUI

It may surprise you to learn that you don’t have to be drunk to get a DUI. If you’re driving home after an evening out with friends or some other social occasion, you might not think that you’re a DUI risk if you consume alcohol responsibly.

But if you get pulled over by the police for a problem with your lights or not using a turn signal and an officer smelled alcohol on your breath, you must take a BAC, or “blood alcohol concentration” test. If it’s at least 0.08%, then you’ll get a DUI. It doesn’t matter if you have a high tolerance for alcohol and feel perfectly fine.  As far as the law is concerned, you’re not innocent. If you hit the legally established limit, this is enough evidence to prove to a judge or jury that you’re intoxicated.

A simple way to prevent a DUI or ensure safety while driving is to install an in car breathalyzer

Ways to Fund Your Family After a Job Loss

If you’ve lost your job and you’re the sole breadwinner, it’s natural to panic about how you’re going to fund your family until you get another job. In a situation like this, you need to restore your mental fortitude as soon as possible.

One way to do this is to make a list of constructive action steps you can take. Just knowing that there is a possible solution will calm everyone down.

While your primary goal will be to secure another job as quickly as possible, there are other things you can do in the meantime. You could, for example, sell high-ticket items like stocks, jewelry, collectibles, or high-tech devices. You could also borrow money from family, friends, or the bank. Once you get a job, you can repurchase what you’ve sold or pay back the money you borrowed.

Work Together as a Family

What these two examples illustrate is that practical thinking is the best way to resolve a family crisis. Evaluate your various options and then decide on your best course of action.

However, there is another aspect to a crisis — the emotional or psychological aspect. After a loss of any kind, it’s psychologically healthy to express your strong emotions and to encourage your family to do so, too. A crisis can force family members to lose closeness and for individual family members to show a variety of stress-related symptoms.

A deliberate effort by all family members to support each other is necessary to restore cohesiveness. When a family works together, a crisis feels far less threatening and it’s easier to come up with rational solutions.

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  1. I’m glad that you emphasized how simply smelling alcohol from one’s breath can already give you a DUI. This happened to a close friend, who thought that he can drive home since he’s not really wasted. Unfortunately, a policeman pulled him over, and now he’s looking for attorney services that can help him avoid jail time.

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