Trending Hobbies to Try If You are Bored of Knitting

A lot of people like to knit as a hobby. But, like any other hobby, it can get old. So, if you want to be more creative and try something new that you might like, take a look at these trending hobbies for this year. Some of them are easy to start right away and don’t cost much. Others need you to spend time and money. But you never know, maybe a new job is waiting there.

Weave a Different Web

Knitting is a way to weave, just like crochet. And these two are very popular because they give people new ways to challenge themselves, show their creativity, and even make money. But you can try your hand at macrame whether you have done hand weaving before or not. You will need starter macrame supplies as it is similar to knitting. But it is a kind of hand-weaving that uses knots instead of the usual way of weaving, so it’s an exciting challenge to take up.

Learn the Ancient Art of Calligraphy

It is one of the hardest arts and crafts you can start. But learning how to write in calligraphy is a challenging experience. It’s an odd word, but all it means is that the writing is styled. The work that monks did when they translated old texts is a good example. Roundhand is easy for beginners to learn because it is clear and easy to understand. It is made up of streamlined lines and circles. But it gives you the skills you need to make more complicated patterns later on.

Trending Hobbies Include Video Gaming

Video games are very popular. So much so that ESPN has a time slot for video game sports. Also, there are more than 3 billion gamers in the world. That’s 37.5 percent of the people. And because there are so many options, anyone can start playing games. There’s the Nintendo Switch for casual or younger gamers, the PlayStation for games with deep stories, and Xbox and PC for online games. For next-generation virtual reality, PSVR2 is just around the corner.

Strike a Chord with Musical Instruments

There are many reasons to learn an instrument. Of course, playing is fun in and of itself. But there’s also a way to relieve stress, a way to challenge yourself, and a way to meet new people. Once you understand a few chord progressions, you can start making your own music, which is a good way to express yourself. Online, there are many ways to learn how to play an instrument. For example, YouTube is full of free videos made by people with musical skills. 

Begin Electronics with Simple Robots

Different people like different kinds of things. And they are technical as well as fun and creative. You could test your skills at something like electronics. Putting together simple robots can help you understand how signals lead to actions. And robotics can lead you to try other hobbies like building computers, electronic models, or even AI programming. You can use trial and error to improve your electronic creations and begin to build more complex machines as you improve.

Get in the Frame with Beginner Photography

Since every phone now has a camera, it can sometimes seem like everyone is a photographer. But if you’re interested in this old hobby, you should know that it has a lot more to offer than the apps you’re used to. Here are some beginner tips to get started with DSLR photography:

  • Buy a good quality DSLR like the Canon EOS 4000D that is great for beginners.
  • Learn about aperture, ISO, and shutter speed using the exposure triangle.
  • With a photography magazine subscription, you can learn from the pros.
  • Buy things like a tripod, a camera bag, and macro lenses to get started in nature.
  • For outdoor photography, buy clothes that are easy to take off and durable.
  • Learn how to control lighting in every situation for the best possible shots.
  • Decide on a photography niche such as baby photos, and pursue it with passion.
  • Join online groups like Pixabay to get help, get advice, and share your photos.
  • Get outside and have fun with your new hobby in different places and scenarios.

Photography is one of the best hobbies because it makes you think creatively and use your mind. It’s not just about pointing and shooting. Once you know the basics, though, you can learn more advanced techniques like HDR, time-lapse, and RAW editing with apps like Photoshop.

Get a Green Thumb in the Garden

Most people enjoy gardening, and it’s one of the most popular activities right now. Gardening is a great way to keep yourself busy, whether you want to start with some small, convenient houseplants or you have outdoor garden space. If you are lucky enough to have a yard, you can clean it up, plant flowers, or even do some simple farming. Growing your own herbs and vegetables can be fun and rewarding and will save you money in these times of rising costs.

Pass the Time Arranging Flowers

One thing is to work with plants. But flower arranging is a better way to express yourself creatively. As well as having beautiful colors and smells, flowers can be a career if you learn about the different kinds and how to arrange them in classic ways. Since anyone can learn to be a florist, many flower shops in your area offer classes. Classes can help you learn how to make your home more beautiful. You can also make wearable flower arrangements like corsages.

Creative Writing is Among the Trending Hobbies 

Writing is one of the oldest ways to say something. Creative writing is a great skill and hobby that anyone can learn, like writing stories. And there are a lot of ways to do it now. You could take a class at a college near you, in a library, or even online. But fanfiction is also becoming more popular because it is a great way to connect with people who like the same things you do. For example, there are almost 20,000 fanfiction stories about DC Comics’ Batman on the web.

Flex Those Unused Muscles Trying Yoga

Yoga is a hobby that keeps getting more and more popular. More and more people seem to be doing it every year. Maybe this is because you can do it anywhere, no matter where you live. Yoga is good for people who have never done it before, people who like to work out, and even those who aren’t flexible. So you have no excuse. Yoga is known for making you healthier, fitter, and mentally stronger, no matter what kind you do. Yoga is also good for your spiritual health.

Get Some Paper Cuts with Origami

Origami is a hobby that lets you be creative and calm down at the same time. This is the traditional way of folding paper in Japan. Most Origami is about making models of plants and animals out of paper. It can start out very simple and end up being very hard to understand. You can find Origami tutorials online to help you get started. There are thousands of different models to learn. Origami is a fun way to push yourself as you figure out your own ways to do things.


Trending hobbies change all the time because people’s interests change. But there are some that never go out of style and offer unique chances. Some of these are niche crafts like macramé, starting out with a DSLR camera, and even old arts like origami and calligraphy.

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