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TreeSmart: Recycled Office & School Supplies Review

A special thanks to TreeSmart for providing me with free products for reviewing purposes!

About TreeSmart

“TreeSmart is dedicated to the idea that all of us are responsible to our environment. We must promote the wise use of all our global natural resources. Everyone is interested in doing his or her part in protecting our planet.”

Making recycled school and office supply products since 1998

  My Review

Here are the products we reviewed!:

12" Recycled Newspaper/Plastic Rulers -set of 6

12″ Recycled Newspaper/Plastic Rulers:

A 12″ ruler made with recycled ground up newspapers and regrind plastic materials.

Start Now Set (24 Pencils)

Recycled Newspaper Pencils

A small Learning set for the early years in school. One for each student and a reserve for the teacher. Newspapers are in English newsprint. Both the ferrules and erasers (latex-free and smudge proof) are MADE IN USA.

7" Color Pencils in Tube

Color Pencils in Tube

12 pc Artist size Color Pencils in convenient Tube package for easy carry. Great for keeping the pencils all together for those spontaneous projects. Made with recycled rolled up newspapers.

 My Review

 I recently had the opportunity to review a collection of some fantastic recycled items from TreeSmart. Both of my children could spend hours doodling on a blank piece of paper and enjoy every minute of it, so this review was right up their ally. My seven year old daughter has been using the Recycled Newspaper Pencils for all of her homework assignments and they work exceptionally well. She was very fascinated when I informed her that if she looked very closely at the pencil, she would be able to see letters from the newspaper! My three year old son found a great interest in the colored pencils, as they are just his size. Again, these work exceptionally well and the fact that they are recycled does not make them of any less quality compared to regular colored pencils. The ruler was a personal favorite of mine and I have used it on numerous crafts and such around the house. All three of us found the TreeSmart items to be wonderful products and it was so great to have the opportunity to educate my children on recycling.

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