Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

More than half of all marriages end in divorce these days. This fact makes the celebration of wedding anniversaries even more special. Everyone knows that you should gift silver for a 25th wedding anniversary and gold for the 50th, but do you know the traditional gifts for all the anniversary celebrations in between? Let’s look at the usual wedding anniversary gifts.

Gifts by Year in the US

  1. Paper – this might include art, books, stationery, or tickets to a movie, concert, or opera.
  2. Cotton – linens like bedding, curtains, bathrobes, or towels.
  3. Leather – you might choose leather – bound books, gloves, wallets, or tablet cases.
  4. Fruit/Flowers – this includes plants, floral or fruit – themed draperies, or garden tools.
  5. Wood – you could give furniture, jewelry boxes, or carvings.
  6. Iron – this might include items like bookends or sculptures.
  7. Copper – you may choose home décor items like vases, candlesticks, or goblets, or learn more about 7th anniversary gift ideas.
  8. Bronze/Pottery – this includes sculptures, bookends, vases, or other household items.
  9. Willow/Pottery – you can gift woven baskets or a pottery class.
  10. Aluminum – this might include items like tin containers or candlesticks.
  11. Steel – this includes stainless steel jewelry, household items, or clocks.
  12. Home Décor – you have numerous options here: artwork, remodeling, or tableware.
  13. Lace – gloves, tableware or doilies.
  14. Ivory/Elephant – if you’re not comfortable with ivory itself, gift something with an elephant theme.
  15. Crystal – there are too many crystal gifts to list.
  16. Silverware – you might also choose silver photo frames or jewelry.
  17. Furniture – you could gift a new bed, bookcase, or desk.
  18. Porcelain – figurines, statues, or photo frames make great gifts.
  19. Bronze – you might choose sculptures, ornaments, or photo frames.
  20. China – dishes, ornaments, or other home items.
  21. Brass/Nickel – this might include musical instruments, candleholders, or knickknacks.
  22. Copper – you might choose engraved copper mugs, candlesticks, or jewelry.
  23. Silver Plate – photo frames, jewelry, or silverware.
  24. Opal – jewelry or raw stone.
  25. Silver – silverware, jewelry, photo frames, or paperweights.
  26. Pictures – especially photos from their younger years!
  27. Sculptures – and the more romantic, the better.
  28. Orchids – if you don’t want to give fresh flowers, give an orchid – themed gift.
  29. Furniture – any kind of furniture to brighten up their home.
  30. Pearl – anything to do with pearls or mother – of – pearl gifts.
  31. Jade – jewelry, sculptures, or knickknacks made of jade.
  32. Ruby – jewelry or raw stone.
  33. Sapphire – jewelry or stone.
  34. Gold – jewelry, coins, statues, etc.
  35. Emerald – jewelry or green – glazed Eternity Rose.
  36. Diamond – jewelry, especially personalized or customized jewelry.

You’ll notice that after the 30 – year mark, there aren’t any “traditional” anniversary gifts. But that doesn’t mean the married couple doesn’t deserve a prize for reaching these milestones. This is the time in their relationship when romance needs to rear its head once more, helping the couple sustain their marriage.

In an age where more than half of all marriages end in divorce, reaching these anniversary milestones is a big deal for a married couple. Show your friends or family members how you support their relationship by choosing one of these traditional wedding anniversary gifts. The married couple will delight in your gift and your show of love and support.

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