Top Tips to Help Couples Avoid Pre-Wedding Conflicts

No matter how much a couple is in love, problems are bound to arise while they’re planning their wedding. It’s simply human nature. This doesn’t mean that you can’t avoid certain kinds of pre-wedding conflict. Follow a few simple tips that are sure to make your wedding planner friendlier and happier for everyone involved.

What engaged couples fight about most

Family, money and style of the wedding are some of the main reasons couples fight with one another. You want a big white wedding; he’d be happy to elope to Las Vegas. You prefer to serve steaks and salad at your reception; he would just as soon present an assortment of vegan options. How do you resolve such seemingly insurmountable problems? It depends.

It’s crucial that you and your dearly beloved learn to work together now, because your pre-wedding arguments and how you resolve them says a lot about your future as a married couple. Say your fiance is close friends with a former lover and wishes her to attend the wedding. This is the time to grow up and remember that he chose you, not her, to spend the rest of his life with. It may not feel easy, but befriending her could be the smartest option. Invite her to your wedding shower and let her help stuff reception bags or something similar. You might find out that you like her as much as he does. You might even make a new friend. To ban her from the nuptials could put doubt in his mind as to whether you’re really The One.

Learn to compromise –It’s a big part of marriage

If you can’t agree on a wedding venue or style, compromise. It may be the first day of your new life together, but remember –it’s just a day. If budgetary concerns are weighing heavily, figure out a way to cut costs or raise more cash for the event. Either way, it’s vital to recall why you’re getting married in the first place.

Arguing before marriage is perfectly normal, says Psychology Today magazine. It happens when a couple has moved through the everything’s perfect stage into the testing stage of a relationship. Couples who are well suited to marriage may find themselves at odds about small details, but eventually find a way to remember their devotion and work out their differences.

Dresses, flowers and wedding guests, oh my

As far as your wedding dress in concerned, it’s truly up to the bride. You have a great deal of options regarding your gown. Shop for a gently used wedding dress and use the money saved to splurge on a nice gift for your husband-to-be. And when it comes down to it, your fiance probably doesn’t care a whit what sort of flowers are displayed at your wedding. As far as the guest list is concerned, don’t fret if the numbers are not exactly even on both sides. Learning to compromise now may mean a happier wedded life after the nuptials.

The most important thing to remember is that you love each other and are getting married because you intend to be partners forever.

Mia Black; always the bridesmaid never the bride?! She has been on hand to help her best friends organize their special day and is now sharing her knowledge with an online audience.