Top Tips for Travelling with Small Children

Deciding to travel with your small children can be a risk. A wonderful holiday lies at the end and you are bound to have a great time away. However, you might be afraid of some of the perils of travelling with a small child. Here are some top tips to help you plan for travelling with small children.

Make Sure They Understand

Depending on the age of your children, this one might not be necessary. However, if they are becoming a little more independent, it is extremely important that you explain to them what is about to happen.

This is especially important if you will be travelling through an airport. Airports are busy places with many people moving about quickly and you don’t want your child to become separated from the rest of the family.

Sit down with them well before the flight and talk through each stage of the airport process. Explain how you want them to behave and make sure they fully understand the need for them to stay close.

Comfy is Best

That jacket and jeans might look cute but they may not be the comfiest things for your little one to wear. Think comfy and layers. Clothes like leggings and loose t-shirts are ideal. Layering is especially important if you are travelling from one climate to another. You easily add a jumper or two instead of changing outfits.

However, you should make sure that you do have some spare clothes on you. Accidents can happen at any time and you need to be prepared. The last thing you want is an upset child in a damp top that has had to be rinsed quickly in an airport bathroom.

A Bag for Them

A small backpack or suitcase is the perfect thing to give your little one a little bit of independence when you travel. Fill it with toys and trinkets to entertain them (but maybe keep the iPad and the beloved teddy in your carry-on in case their bag gets forgotten) and keep it as a surprise so they aren’t tempted to play with everything before the flight.

Find the Perfect Stroller

If your child is young enough that they need a pushchair, you don’t want to be stuck with the heavy one you usually use. Have a search for the perfect lightweight pushchair that can be easily folded up and carried.

You never know when this will come in handy. Not only will it provide relief when you are out and about, but it can also be used to store bags and other necessary things if your child decides they would like to walk for a bit.

Don’t Neglect the Little Things

It is important to remember to tick off everything on the adult list too and the problem of where to park the car is often one which is left until the end. However, it is extremely important, especially if you are going through a busy hub like Heathrow. Parking at Heathrow Airport can be a breeze or a bit of a nightmare depending on how you want to approach it.  If you don’t want to park at Heathrow you could consider using a Heathrow Airport private taxi which specializes in picking you up from your home and taking you to Heathrow airport.  Or you can plan in advance and get parking.

If you plan well in advance, there is no reason why it cannot be an easy part of your trip. Heathrow airport parking can easily be booked using this site: Reserve a space in the Heathrow carparks and turn your attention to other parts of the holiday’s organization.

Look into Fast Track

Spend some time researching the airport you are going to be flying from and take advantage of all the fast tracks you can. Even the most patient of children don’t like getting stuck in queues.

Most airlines nowadays allow you to check in online which will cut down a little time. You will still need to hand over your checked bags but there might be a fast-track lane so you can do it a little quicker.

Nearly everyone knows about priority boarding to get onto the plane but did you know about the priority queue at security? For a small fee, you can head to the fast-track queue and blitz your way through the security checks.

Security is one of those places where a couple of minutes wait quickly builds up and up. Nothing to look at, nothing to do until you reach the scanners, it makes for a prime place for children to become bored. Why risk it when you can just go to the fast-track queue instead? It’s much less stress and can make your airport experience all the better.

Travelling with small children does not have to be a stress. Approach it calmly and methodically but do not forget to have fun. You have chosen to get away for a reason and all your hard work will soon pay off. Plan well, and then sit back and prepare to make some amazing memories with your family on your holiday.

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