Top Tips For Moving Homes With Kids

Moving house with kids can be a challenge, particularly with younger children. There are many factors to consider and preparations to make that will make the moving process simpler and easier, from selecting a home to packing to moving day itself. Here are some of our top tips for moving home with children. 

Explain The Process

You should explain what is happening to your children. This will need to be in age-appropriate terms. You should explain why you are moving and help them understand the benefits. You should ensure they understand the process from start to finish to prevent anxiety. 

Take The Kids To See Their New Home

You should involve your children in the selection process to help them feel more secure. Take them to see the homes you are considering and give them a chance to share their input, which will make them more likely to enjoy and engage with the process. 

Involve Them In The Packing

Even the youngest children can help to pack. You could make it into a game or a competition to see who can fill the most boxes, with rewards afterwards. You should supervise younger children during packing to ensure it is done as well as possible.

Consider Alternative Loans

If you are concerned about affording a home down payment, there are schemes aimed towards helping families onto the property ladder. If you are willing to move to a rural area, you could qualify for a USDA home loan, which allows you to get a home loan without a down payment. Find out more about USDA loans from The Home Loan Expert.

Plan Activities In Your New Area

If your children are uneasy about moving to a new area, you could encourage them by planning activities and outings in their new home. Do some research into the local attractions and let your kids each choose something to do. 

Pack A First Night Box

You should pack all the things you need for the first night into a clearly labelled box. You could get the kids to pack one each as well. This will mean you will have all you need to hand for a smooth first night. You should pack food, nightlights, favorite toys and cooking supplies into your boxes. 

Get A Babysitter For Moving Day

You should consider getting a babysitter for the moving day. This will ensure the day goes smoothly and let you get your new house set up before your kids get there. Explain to them that you will all be going to the new home when you pick them up. 

Make It An Adventure

If you are moving a distance from your old home, you could turn the experience into a road trip adventure. Making travelling seem like a vacation can get your children excited about their new home and distract them from any upset at leaving a familiar area. 

Let Them Express Their Emotions

Let your kids know it is okay to feel sad when moving away. Give them the chance to talk about their feelings and validate them when they do. 

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