Top Grooming Tips to Help You Look Your Best for Years to Come

Women go through a lot of effort to look their best. Men, on the other hand, have more free reign. Men are expected to be their natural selves. No makeup, no carefully put-together outfit, and so on. The extent of society’s pressure on men to look good is to be fit, but even then there is a lot of support for the “dad-bod” that means you really only need to maintain a healthy weight. This is freeing, but it isn’t sustainable. Age takes its toll on everyone, which is why to help you look your best, natural self for years to come you should adopt these lifestyle routines and grooming tips today:

 Beauty Routines Are Not Just for Women

The first misconception you have to throw away is that beauty routines are just for women. This is false. Your skin and looks will benefit from a beauty routine just as much. For example, failing to wash your face before bed will only mean your skin gets soaked and saturated with the sweat, dirt, and pollution that it has been exposed to throughout the day. This will transfer to your pillow, and produce a breeding ground for bacteria. By instead washing and moisturizing your face, you can improve your skin and your overall health. Your teeth also plays a huge role, and enhancing your smile with the right treatments can go a long way as well, according to this oral dentist in Concord.

 Make Exercising Fun (And Social)

Going to the gym can be a pain, but thankfully that is not the only way you can get exercise. Try joining a local sports team or make a team with your co-workers so you can get together and do something fun. This way you can get exercise in which will improve your health astronomically, and enjoy a more robust social life.

Reduce Stress for Better Health

Stress can help you reach a deadline or perform better, but chronic stress does nothing but wreak havoc on your health and on your wellbeing. By focusing on wellness activities at home that help you relax and unwind, you can look better, feel better, and perform better inside and outside of work. The more regularly you de-stress, the better you will look and feel for years to come.

Tips for Maintaining Beautiful Hair

Hair loss is common in men, because the biggest factor contributing to hair loss is the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone causes hair to become thinner, and weaker, resulting in thick, luscious locks to become frail and nearly invisible. What it does not mean, however, is that the hair follicle itself is dead. Hair transplants can successfully treat hair loss in men, though it does tend to be expensive. Thankfully, there are some preventative measures you can take beforehand to minimize the damage to your hair. It won’t necessarily stop you from balding, but it can reduce the amount of thinning that occurs.

For one, a link has been made between a diet of animal fat and hair loss. Another link has been made between excessive sebum and hair loss. The result? Try eating less meat and washing your hair more often. The less your hair falls out, the less work will be needed during a hair transplant, and therefore the less it will cost.

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