Top 6 Cities of Italy to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Celebrating your anniversary with travel guarantees that the occasion will be unforgettable. Combine old and new by selecting an Italian destination that will fit your personalities and encourage you to explore. Here are 6 of the best, from dreamy to invigorating.

Positano – Life is Beautiful

The two of you will feel as if you’ve entered a movie set, once you’ve arrived in this candy-colored Amalfi coast town. The Mediterranean vibe will leave you in a dream state as you explore the sandy beaches and watch the world from your balcony. Are they actors, that couple? Could the steep and lovely streets be any more photogenic? Simply relax and let the romance take you away. You’ll come back with a thousand beautiful photos, still feeling the sun on your shoulders and wearing the glamorous straw hat you found at that little boutique.

Capri – Blue Paradise

Top 6 Cities of Italy to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Just the sound of Capri’s name evokes a feeling of romance and adventure. This island city is nestled in some of the loveliest ocean you’ll ever see – the cerulean isle is home to the legendary “Blue Grotto”.

Make a toast to your love with a limoncello tasting at one of the local shops, stroll along the beach in the sweetly scented sea air, and stay the night in one of the villas that offer sea views from the cliffs. The Faraglioni rock formations will provide a stunning backdrop to your photos.

Tivoli – Time Among the Fountains

Top 6 Cities of Italy to Celebrate Your Anniversary

A multitude of secret pathways will guide you through enchanted gardens in Tivoli. Away from the sounds of the city, you and your love will be able to talk and linger amongst the hundreds of fountains at the 15th Century Villa d’Este. The height of the Italian Renaissance was expressed in extravagant architecture and a pleasure garden that is alive with burbling water and lush plants. Spend the rest of your visit with pampering at your hotel – a couple’s massage would be perfetto!

Florence – Layers of Relaxation

If your relationship could benefit from a more relaxed pace, Florence, with its lazy Tuscan charm and multi-course meals, will be the most pleasant way to apply the brakes. This is the sweetest of ways to remind yourself about la dolce vita: the sweet life.

Sleep in, arise for a leisurely cappuccino and breakfast at an Old World Cafe, and visit the nearby wine country for tastings, and anticipate a fine dining experience that will celebrate your time together. A lovely way to complete your idyll is with a floral delivery from a service like LolaFlora Italy back at your home; perhaps a vase of sunflowers, to remind her of the bright days?

Milan – A Shot of Relationship Espresso

Top 6 Cities of Italy to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Celebrate the energy of your relationship by exploring the Italian capital of design. Here is a city that will give endless opportunities to try something new – modern art at the Palazzo Reale, every type of fashion, the latest in artisanal apertivos in the Navigli area. Milan can help you learn something new about your partner.

However, you can still surprise your love by having a florist in Milan, Italy deliver a surprise to your chic lodging quarters. It’s a sweet commemoration of “something old and something new” that starts every marriage.

Venice – Love, Your Way

Of course, the City of Love will make our list! Venice will allow you to check off every box on your Anniversary Bucket List – gondola rides along the Grand Canal, magnificent churches and cathedrals to crane your necks at, Venetian masterpieces in museums, and music.

Or, Venice can allow you to become delightfully lost in a city that twists, turns, and drops you at a different magical shop or restaurant with each delighted gasp. The shopping is superb, and the quality is fine. You can pick up a memento to commemorate your anniversary, or simply document every beautiful scene on Instagram.

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