Top 5 Features to Look for When Buying Drones for Children

Kids are keen observers and soon gravitate toward current fads and pastimes. Drones continue to grow in popularity as people of all ages are experimenting and taking to the skies. Of course, parents are concerned about kids using such technological toys. While many sources agree that kids are ‘old enough’ to fly, parents should consider the following features when buying a drone. DrDrone is a great place to look for one as well. 

Top 5 Features to Look for When Buy Drones for Children

Beginner Ready

A parent who does a quick Google search for a drone will be inundated with scores of choices. Drones vary in size, capabilities, and price. To start, don’t assume price is associated with ease of use. In some cases it’s quite the contrary; expensive drones, or ones with modifications, may be easier to fly due to on-board sensors, etc. A toy grade drone may provide you with a bare bones setup that is difficult for a beginner to master.

Ready to Fly

Remember when some toy boxes would issue small print indicating whether batteries were needed and if they were inside? You have to wage equal diligence when buying a drone since there are a few differences in whether they’re ready to fly out of the box. RTF or ready to fly drones require minimal setup and little assembly. BNF or bind and fly drones come ready to fly but without a controller. This makes it important not to assume an existing controller will work with a new drone. ARF or almost ready to fly kits vary in assembly needed and parts provided. Thoroughly read online descriptions and in store boxes.

Separate Controller and Quality Charger

Of course, a young child is only thinking about how fun it will be to fly the drone. A practical parent is the one who has to ensure the drone is right for the child. To start, consider investing in a quality controller since they last and will not get outdated quickly. Secondly, invest in a quality charger even if the price seems a bit unnecessary. A quality charger ensures the longest flights and the best performance from the drone. Lastly, as you’re doing right now, continue to research the topic and find the best drone for your child.

Top 5 Features to Look for When Buy Drones for Children

Child focused

You have several options in buying a kids drones. You can view a number of drones in stores, watch online videos, and visit online vendors for more information and details about individual models. Don’t be hesitant to contact customer assistance if you have questions. Also, visit some local places that are populated with fliers. Inquire about drones for children and ask enthusiasts if they have an opinion about brands, suppliers, etc. Be sure that the model is child-friendly and not better fit for an experienced adult.

Auto Return

A quality drone is likely to be fitted with an auto return feature. This comes in handy if a child flies the drone out of control distance or there is a ground to air communication disturbance. The auto return feature ensures the drone returns to the place it was last armed. Otherwise, a child could lose a drone that suddenly has no contact with the controller.

About the guest writer: Jennifer Lofton is a tech savvy Mom who loves testing out the latest gadgets. She purchased a drone for the kids main Christmas gift, hoping it will become a fun family activity on the weekends.

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  1. Thanks for publishing this article to your followers – with so many more drones being bought as gifts over Christmas it is important that parents take precautions when allowing their kids to fly drones. This guide will help a lot!

  2. Honestly, ready to fly is a big thing when it comes to kids drones. If they are too young, they just won’t be able to put it together. Great tips!

  3. Thanks Heather for this guide to buy drones for kids. I enjoyed reading your article, and the best tip for me was the idea of buying a drone that has an “auto return” feature. That’s a life saver!

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