Top 5 Best Gardening Blogs to Follow in 2019

Gardening is often more rewarding and therapeutic than any other kind of hobby. Even if you opt to make it your profession, it can still enhance your lifespan, and end up being a great way to spend time as you age.

For this reason, you should always be at the forefront of every new gardening skill or tech. This way you sharpen your gardening skill by learning from what others are doing with their own garden and start your own garden. You can only learn well via blogs where, bloggers offer some insights into different gardening ideas.

It does not matter what you are planting, there is always informative and useful blogs out there for everyone’s gardening needs.

Although the internet may be filled with some of these blogs, we are here to save you from the agony of making a pick by selecting a few to get you through 2019. Here they are read on, to find your favorite.

1.     You Grow Girl

By now, you know that gardening does not come cheap. Therefore, if you are looking for better ways to garden with little space, then you should start following this blog.

Created in 2000, by Gayla Trail a writer, photographer and a former graphic designer who hails from Canada, it is among the best blogs for those looking for gardening inspiration.

This blogger often blogs about her pursuits with regard to gardening. Her focus is always on gardening on limited space on a budget, especially in urban areas. So follow her, her gardening tips are the bomb.

2.     Treillage Online

For all gardening matters from tools to planting ideas, this is the website for you. It is a recent blog that started late in 2018, to help you out with proper gardening. can help you know how and when to plant and water your garden, depending on your soil type. Moreover, it can help you buy any kind of gardening tool or equipment be it a sprinkler, garden hose or watering can among others.

This website is so versatile in terms of gardening content. You can find some informative pieces on its different sections from the gardening products section, to the gardening guides, how to′s as well as DIY ideas section.

For this reason, it is necessary to read and follow it now and come 2019, as you are likely to learn a lot from it.

3.     Best Plants

This is quite a unique name for a blog, but it fits very well with its content. Plants are indeed strange, especially houseplants, which this website covers extensively.

This blog chronicles a collection of houseplants in detail, so if you are obsessed with houseplants like this grower and blogger in Iowa. Then this is the blog for you to start following now, so in 2019 you are well versed with it. Besides, you will get to know everything about houseplant, from care to selection.

4.     Tilly’s Nest

Tilly′s nest is a blog by Melissa, a nurse practitioner with a passion for gardening. She raises chickens, keeps bees and grows a vegetable garden in her Cape Cod home. She is also an author with loads of work appearing in many gardening magazines.

Her blog is a great place to start for any kind of gardener. She also has great sections for chicken breeders and beekeepers, as well as recipes, crafts and gardening section. Her shared insights on this topic are often from experience, so be ready to learn from her.

5.     Growing Wisdom

This blog covers a wide range of gardening topics. It is run by a horticulturalist based in New England, Dave Epstein. So if you ever wanted to know anything about gardening from basics to the technical stuff, here is a blog for you come 2019.

It covers trees, lawns, vegetable gardening as well as growing plants indoors and in containers. Therefore, if you are looking for some serious gardening advice, look no further than Growing Wisdom.


Many blogs out there often cover different aspects of gardening for beginners and pros alike. You do not have to limit yourself to these five, if you have time, come 2019. Nonetheless, be sure to read all the above for a better overview of gardening at large.

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