Top 5 Best Earthquake Kits

A U.S. Geological Survey provided some useful data on earthquakes occurring around the world, and identified San Francisco and Los Angeles as the most likely places to experience an earthquake in the U.S.

Of course, the two Californian cities aren’t the only places where earthquakes can hit, and it’s important to know how to prepare should one occur in your own region. The statisticians suggested that the first 72 hours after a disaster such as an earthquake are key. So being prepared with the right kit can be a real lifesaver. If you’re looking for a reliable earthquake kit, here are the best five on the market.

Mayday Earthquake Kit Deluxe Home Survival Emergency

Mayday Industries’ Honey Bucket has almost all you need for a family of four to survive in the first 24 hours after an earthquake. Among the most significant parts of an earthquake survival is undoubtedly food and water. This kit includes four food bars at 2,400 calories, and 24 pouches of water. The included waterproof matches allow you to light a gas stove or a fire, and your family can drink water from any source thanks to the water purification tablets. Each member of your household will have a solar blanket and poncho in order to keep dry and warm.

Should there be any debris to deal with, dust masks are available with tools to aid you in securing the home, such as a water and gas shut off tool, duct tape, a utility knife, and pry bar. There’s also a first aid kit with 54 pieces to treat minor injuries. The kit includes a whistle to let the other family members know if any help is needed and a flashlight/radio to enable you to hear the emergency services. Even the bucket transforms into a toilet, with chemical toilet disinfectant and toilet bags.

Wise Foods Five-Day Survival Backpack

Included is five days supply of food and water, which is more than what you’d find in your typical earthquake kit. The freeze-dried meals are almost gourmet, with such dishes as Veggie Rotini and Southwest Beans and Rice. Just add some boiling water using the portable stove, waterproof matches, and 24 fuel tablets that come with the kit. It also includes a first aid kit to deal with minor injuries, with waste bags, pocket tissues, and wet naps for personal hygiene. Safety items include a dust mask, survival whistle, squeeze flashlight, an emergency poncho, and a Mylar blanket. There’s even a deck for cards if you feel the need to pass the time away playing Solitaire or other card games until the power returns.

Portland Earthquake Essentials Kit

This kit emphasizes only those essentials your household will need in order to stay clean, comfortable, and most importantly, safe. It isn’t designed to be a complete go-bag for a potential evacuation, but rather a safety and hygiene survival kit in case you end up with having no resources or power at home for weeks, as opposed to days.

Emergency Zone The Essentials Complete

Of course, in any emergency, it’s important that you have sufficient water to last you for a few days, at least. This Emergency Zone Essentials kit includes 12 4.2-ounce water pouches, along with a straw filter capable of filtering 30 gallons of water from all natural sources. Also included are two food ratio bars, with 3,600 calories of energy.

It’s also full of such non-perishable essentials, such as a radio, safety glasses, batteries, toothbrushes, a utility knife, ponchos, and even masks. And it includes items you might otherwise forget, like a pencil, toilet paper, and even playing cards for amusement.

The Earthquake Bag

The Earthquake Bag’s signature red backpack includes everything you could possibly need to ensure that everyone in your family remains fed, warm, and safe after an earthquake. Included are food items and a gallon of water, along with enough for 1,000 calories per person for each day. The backpack comes with a 107-piece first aid kit, and a hygiene kit for each person, a tube tent to provide shelter, body and hand warmers, emergency ponchos, sleeping bags, and waterproof matches. Tools that include a sewing kit, knife, and a nylon rope will help you in making repairs, and the radio/flashlight will also charge your phone. The bag is designed for survival for a couple for three days, but it can be customized for additional family members or even for two people for a week. The bag is built for between one and six people, including even pets.

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