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TOMY Super Pop Up Pirate Game Review

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TOMY Super Pop Up Pirate Game Review

Since welcoming our new baby girl into the world, my older two children have been spending a lot of quality time together as I care for her. When they start to get bored or rambunctious, I redirect that energy towards the game and craft closet where they can choose an activity of their choice. That closet is also packed full of stuff that requires my assistance in setting up or reading directions. So when I am stuck nursing the baby, bathing her or settling her down for a nap, I can’t always provide my older two children with my full attention. That is where wonderful games such as TOMY Super Pop Up Pirate Game comes in handy! This international best seller is a fun way to keep the kids laughing, while enjoying a simple and easy to use game. My children have enjoyed many hours of fun and laughter because of this game and it is one of their favorite games ever!


Playing this game involves pushing the pirate into the barrel and taking turns sliding your swords into the slots. If your sword pops the pirate out of the barrel, you lose. I just adore watching my two children play this, their faces are always full of smiles and excitement. I have to admit that I find myself having a pretty great time playing this game with my children and always get a kick out of seeing their faces when I pop the pirate out of the barrel. This game makes it possible for my children to play independently without having to rely on me to set things up or keeping explaining the rules. There actually is no set up required when you take out the game, simply pop the pirate in the barrel and the fun begins.



Grab this amazing a fun game for your family today, the TOMY Super Pop Up Pirate Game is available on amazon!

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