Tips You Need To Know Before Flying With A Toddler

As a rule, the fastest way to get to a holiday destination with a child is by plane. The whole process, including baggage check-in, passport control, waiting time, and boarding for a long time, is very exhausting even for an adult. On top of that, small children can find such a trip very challenging, especially due to their age. In order to make the trip comfortable for the child and the parents, it is necessary to prepare for it beforehand. We have compiled for you the basic and most important information you need to consider before taking a flight with a toddler.

  • Transfer from the airport

Taking care of transport after landing is also crucial. Consider that your child will probably be tired and may not want to spend a few more hours in public transport. In such cases the best convenient way would be to use a car hiring service. Thus, when traveling abroad with a family, you can choose and rent a vehicle for the required time in advance while being at home. Car hire services are very popular due to their convenience and comfort. Great selection of vehicles makes it possible to find a car of any class and size, from an Audi crossover to a Ferrari rent in Dubai. Wherever you are, service specialists can help you with the rental and take care of your comfort.

  • Buying tickets

As for the preparations, first of all and before you book your tickets, try contacting the airline to clarify any questions you may have, to warn you about the little passenger and to find out the details that can emerge on the flight. The airline is always ready to help you to find the most comfortable seats.

  • Travel kit

Don’t forget to carry some essentials on the flight. You may bring a first aid kit with antipyretics, antihistamines and other necessary medication in your hand luggage. In order to avoid problems with clogged ears, make sure to take ear drops with you. Wet wipes are useful in any situation, so take an extra pack of these as well.

  • Packing up essentials

In addition to the main luggage, it is also worth taking some spare clothes with you in the hand luggage, as it can get quite a bit chilly on the plane. Choose shoes that can be easily removed and put on. As for the food, many airlines offer a children’s menu on their flights for children, but these may have to be ordered in advance. However, we recommend that you take some fruit, biscuits or nuts with you.

  • Taking a flight

Before the flight, it is best to feed your baby 2-3 hours in advance, also avoid products that can cause bloating. Try to arrive at check-in early so as not to worry or make your child feel stressed. While in the cabin, choose the seats in the front row, as there is enough space and the child can move freely so as not to disturb passengers in front of you. Another tip is taking a morning fly, if possible, because children are usually in their best mood at this time and therefore more well-behaved.

With the tips listed above you can be better prepared for a flight with your child. Most importantly, try to enjoy the moment, so that traveling by plane with your baby won’t be a test of strength, but a time full of joy and new discoveries.

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