Tips For Making Your Backyard More Enjoyable

Tips For Making Your Backyard More Enjoyable

One of my least favorite chores is doing the laundry… I absolutely despise every aspect of it. Then one day I was watching a home renovation show and someone made a comment about their laundry room, explaining how she made into a room that she loved which in turn made doing laundry in it less of a hassle. So the following weekend I redid my entire laundry room; organizing the shelves, dusting/scrubbing, adding some décor and I even put down a rug… I turned it into a beautiful laundry room that I actually don’t mind being in! I think this mentality can be used towards many situations. Your yard for example! Do you find that you aren’t spending much time in your backyard because it has become an eyesore and a place you simply don’t find relaxing. Is it time to change things up and make that a yard you are proud of? Here are some simple tips to make your yard more enjoyable!

Bring on the Birds!

Tips For Making Your Backyard More Enjoyable

Adding bird feeders to my yard was one of the most inexpensive yet entertaining things I could I have done! I never really realized how enjoyable bird watching was until we started attracting various birds to the yard. Even the kids find peace in watching them snack on the bird feeders, clear the yard of bugs, gather sticks for their nests and fly throughout the yard. Bird houses are also another great addition to your yard! Last summer we had the pleasure of witnessing birds hatch from one of our bird houses, what an amazing experience.

Upgrade your flower pots

Swapping out your flowers pots is a simple and fun way to make your yard look more attractive. Whether you decide to replace them or simply swap your pots out with different plants, I promise you will be surprised how great this makes your yard look!

Prune your trees/bushes and clean up debris

Tips For Making Your Backyard More Enjoyable

Take some time to simply clean up the yard and prune all of the trees and bushes. If there are areas of your lawn overgrown, clear it out the best that you can. Gathering up all of the sticks, leaves and debris from the yard is always a great outdoor activity for the kids… keeps them entertained and they will feel great knowing they helped make their yard a fun place to be!

Rearrange your patio furniture

Last month I decided it was time to mix things up and rearranged all of our patio furniture… this turned out to be just what we needed to make our outdoor space more enjoyable! I am always so amazed what a little rearranging can do to make an area look like new. I also found an inexpensive outdoor rug which made an incredible difference, I highly recommend getting one if you don’t already!

Start a vegetable garden

Tips For Making Your Backyard More Enjoyable

Last summer we started our first vegetable garden and it was one of the best ideas I have ever had when it comes to the backyard. All three of my children had so much fun helping me care for the garden and I found that it was great motivation for encouraging us to get outdoors.

String up some lights

Adding lights to our backyard has made it enjoyable during the evening and gives the yard such a calming atmosphere. This doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive, just get an affordable string of lights and wrap them around the back deck or any area that works best for your space.

Maintain your lawn

Tips For Making Your Backyard More Enjoyable

Maintaining your lawn is the key to ensuring that it is enjoyable all year round, but especially during the warming months. You want to make sure that you water your lawn so that it isn’t just baking in the heat all summer. Water your lawn occasionally but deeply because the deep roots keep your lawn healthy and lush. Mow your lawn at the highest setting on your mower because taller grass shades the ground, which helps block weed sprouts and allows your lawn to focus on root growth.

I hope this post was helpful to you and gave you some great tips and advice for making your backyard the oasis that it should be!]

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  1. Adding string lights in the backyard makes a whole lot of difference! I did ours a month ago and it made our space look so much better and inviting even! My kids love having dinner in our patio because they said it makes them feel like we’re eating in a restaurant 🙂

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