Three Things to Consider When Buying CBD Oil

The CBD Oil industry is booming. According to experts, it is expected to expand rapidly in the coming years due to the extensive range of benefits provided by Cannabidiol or CBD. This is the active compound present in CBD oil. The list of health benefits associated with CBD Oil is quite long. Apart from being used as an anti-anxiety and relaxing agent, it is also associated with slowing down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and is also an effective treatment against seizures. Check out this additional article if you would like to learn more about what cannabidiol does.

Moreover, unlike the conventional painkillers that patients use, CBD Oil contains no side effects whatsoever and also doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. However, due to the lack of strict regulations, several brands are misleading customers by providing poor quality CBD Oil, to make big profits. If you want to purchase CBD oil, then it’s a good idea to go through the below-mentioned points to consider before making your decision on a particular brand. However, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of researching various brands, then you can blindly choose Elixinol CBD Oil. This is in no way favoritism but there are facts associated with this recommendation which will be discussed in the points below.

Method Used for Extraction

In order to decrease their cost and increase profits, several companies use cheap extraction methods that include toxic compounds such as propane, hexane, butane, and pentane. CBD Oil processed using the above-mentioned compounds may result in presence of toxic residues in the oil which, undoubtedly, are bad for your health.

In the case of Elixinol, the company is highly concerned about producing quality products and have invested a considerable amount of money into mastering the advanced CO2 extraction process. This is the best process for retaining all useful compounds of the original plant.

Where in the plant the CBD oil is extracted from

The part of the hemp plant from where the CBD oil is extracted, is very important. This is because the plant accumulates and absorbs contaminants, from the soil in which it grows. This is the same reason that the plant is also used for cleaning the environment from toxic heavy metals.

Most brands are selling non-food grade hemp that has been cultivated in bad conditions, as CBD medicine, for the sole purpose of making a massive profit. Hence, you must be careful with your choice when buying CBD Oil. However, there are some companies which are offering authentic CBD wholesale.

However, Elixinol CBD Oil is manufactured using pure food grade hemp and there are no synthetic additives included. Moreover, Elixinol tests their products for pesticides, mycotoxins and heavy metals. These results are available to view on their website.

Bioavailability of CBD in the product

Most companies are publishing only the mg dosage of CBD hemp oil, irrespective of the strength of the active CBD present in the product. Therefore, it is best to go with the brand which lists the strength of active CBD on their products, along with the dosage.

I would like to conclude by saying that purchasing CBD Oil haphazardly, without any research has the possibility to shield you from it health benefits and may actually harm your health. Hence, the key is to have complete knowledge before purchasing CBD Oil.

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