Things to the with the Family in Atlanta

Atlanta is known for a lot of things. Its Southern hospitality, its musical heritage, and more importantly, its massive and busy passenger airport. Whether you call it ATL, Hotlanta, or A-Town, one thing is certain: you’ll never run out of things to do especially when you have your family with you. If you’re visiting Atlanta for the first time, below are some of the exciting activities the entire family will enjoy.

1. Play with animals at Zoo Atlanta

Visiting the zoo may not be special for some, but when you’re visiting Atlanta’s very first zoo, the history that comes with it makes it anything but ordinary. Zoo Atlanta traces its origins back to 1889 when a traveling show stalled and was eventually forced into bankruptcy, leaving behind its animals, which began to draw crowds of countless onlookers. The zoo’s vision, that of a world in which humankind values, protects and preserves the diversity of species on Earth, also serves as an inspiration to the people of Atlanta. With more than 200 species of birds, amphibians, mammals, and reptiles to see, your kids will surely love playing and petting some of them.

2. Experience interactive play at the Brilliant Sky Toys and Books

Let’s face it. Traveling with kids is easier said than done because they easily get bored doing something that doesn’t interest them. Brilliant Sky Toys and Books understands this which is why right from the moment you step inside, you’ll be greeted by toys that your kids can interact with. With a massive amount of colorful, interactive toys that appeal to the senses, your kids will definitely have the time of their lives playing with toys that encourage them to interact.

3. Go on a scavenger hunt

Touring Atlanta can be tiring and boring at times, so why not spice things up a little by incorporating fun and adventure into your tour? By participating in a scavenger hunt, you’ll be able to explore Atlanta while challenging your mind. Companies like cityHunt tailor your scavenger hunt to the city you are visiting, making your Atlanta scavenger hunt a unique and unforgettable experience you and your family will cherish for years to come. There are also a variety of team building games to choose from depending on your preference.  Just let cityHunt know about it and they’ll set it up for you.

4. Visit the Providence Canyon

No vacation is complete without remarkable sites to enjoy. It’s liberating to experience nature at its best especially now when social media and technology have taken over our daily lives. Just a 3-hour drive from Atlanta, Providence Canyon, also known as “Little Grand Canyon,” is definitely a sight to behold. With gullies as deep as 150 feet and soil that is orange, red, pink, and purple, make sure to have your cameras ready because everything you’ll see is guaranteed to be “Instagrammable.” Exploring Providence Canyon is a great way of going back to nature and removing yourself from the online world for a while. Sometimes, you have to put your phone away to experience what you’ve been missing for a long time.

5. The Art Barn

Known as Atlanta’s Best Private Barnyard & Farm, The Art Barn, which is located in Hickory Flat, offers several services ranging from birthday parties, playdates, field trips, summer camps, and so much more! Apart from activities like painting animals, The Art Barn also provides an area where you can interact with certain animals like sheep, goats, and donkeys.

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