Things Moms Should Bring on Their Hiking Adventures

With all the housework, taking care of the kids, and holding down a full-time job, life can be hugely stressful for busy moms. If you’re looking for ways to wind down, there’s nothing better than a hiking adventure. Gorgeous sights and enchanting wildlife have an amazingly soothing effect, but the experience can get even better with proper hiking gear.

Here are the items we have in mind:

Adequate UnderwearThings Moms Should Bring on Their Hiking Adventures

The layers nearest your body make a world of difference when hiking. Cotton doesn’t work for the most sensitive parts during intense sessions that cause sweating. Better options include merino wool, nylon, and polyester, which pull moisture out of your body, preventing uncomfortable wetness.

Suitable ShirtsThings Moms Should Bring on Their Hiking Adventures

Moms need a hiking shirt that can wick away sweat. Whether it’s a long- or short-sleeve garment, it needs to have powerful anti-sweat properties to keep the body nice and dry. Synthetic materials and merino wool are the ideal choices for this purpose.

Right Pants/bottomsThings Moms Should Bring on Their Hiking Adventures

Whether you’re into shorts or pants, you need the freedom to maneuver and quick-drying materials for your hike. They should be able to withstand various environmental hazards, including sharp rocks, poison ivy, and ticks. They need to be thick enough to protect against punctures, meaning that thin yoga pants won’t cut it. Also, go for a longer garment if you’re traversing tall grass to fend off invaders around your legs.

Comfortable ShoesThings Moms Should Bring on Their Hiking Adventures

Choosing your hiking shoes depends on several factors, such as weather conditions and trail terrain. Rainy hikes warrant waterproof, durable sneakers. Similarly, they need to be comfortable to prevent fatiguing your feet during particularly long treks.

There are numerous shoes on the market specifically designed for hikers. For example, Loom footwear is an excellent choice for a number of reasons. These sneakers offer tremendous breathability, durability, and waterproof properties. They’re also extremely lightweight, making for a comfortable travel companion.

Hiking AccessoriesThings Moms Should Bring on Their Hiking Adventures

In addition to wearing proper clothes, you should also include helpful hiking accessories:

  • Camp blankets – Busy moms adore camp blankets due to their comfort and versatility. Many models work both as a quilt and ground tarp, and some of them are compact enough for your backpack. They are perfect for impromptu picnics and outdoor activities. However, make sure to get a durable piece that won’t get harmed by twigs, cones, and other pointy objects.
  • Smartwatches – A smartwatch lets you keep track of your progress, allowing you to record your milestones. If possible, find a device with a solar charging lens that remains performance-ready for several weeks.
  • Insulated water bottles – A sip of an ice-cold drink in humid conditions is essential. But instead of plastic bottles, bring an insulated container. It preserves ice longer and won’t contribute to a slippery exterior. Additionally, it can keep your tea or coffee hot.

Get Your Journey UnderwayThings Moms Should Bring on Their Hiking Adventures

Hiking is a perfect way to nourish your body and soul. Don’t postpone your adventure for a second longer. Put your life as a busy mom on hold, grab the items we’ve just covered, and you’ll be in for a fabulous ride. Visit for more details.

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