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The Wonderful World of Arlo the Elephant

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“I created the Arlo series to introduce kids to new experiences they may encounter. When you’re young, life is a big unknown and sometimes that’s scary. I’m hoping to help kids and their parents prepare for these situations together, through these fun and practical books.”

– Karisa Lowe, Author of the Arlo series


I remember when I had my first daughter and the endless hours we spent snuggled up in bed and reading books together. This girl could have stayed up all night and listen to me read the same handful of books again and again. I have heard so many other parents express the same scenario about their own children, so I assumed this is just something all children love and enjoy. Then came along my wild and rambunctious son whom would rather race cars across the floor and “fly” from the couch rather than sit and read with  me. Very quickly I learned that it would take much more creativity to peak his interest when it came to reading and that I was going to have to work a bit harder to figure out what interests him the most. I didn’t want to force him because any parent will tell you that it’s the least affective method when dealing with any of your child’s rebellions. So I inconspicuously made him a special place on his shelf with books. Then I would casually ask him before bed time if he would like to pick out a book to read before bed. I would sneak new books onto his shelf without telling him and it was like Christmas when he would discover them. Before I knew it I would walk in and find books scattered across the floor and a curious little boy amazed by all these wonderful books. I no longer needed to persuade him, my son was now begging me to read  him each and every book before bed each night.

My son has recently become very fond of Arlo the Elephant and the trio of books full of great topics. I was personally very much in love with the Arlo Goes To The Farmers Market and the inspiration behind the book. The author grew up with parents that taught her the importance of healthy eating habits. I hear so many parents complain about their children not eating fruit and vegetables and their frustration. The best way to instill these healthy habits is to make eating them fun by allowing them to visit such places as the farmers market and pick them out themselves. It’s also important to remember that they will get hungry and if you have a bowl full of apples available for them and not a bunch of snacks… trust me, they will grab that apple and eat. The Arlo books are such a great way to teach and inspire your children, the three books touch on really great topics. My overall impressions are very positive, but most importantly, my son loves these books and that’s all that truly matters to me!


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9 thoughts on “The Wonderful World of Arlo the Elephant

  1. I like the Arlo Goes to The Dentist book. Dentists are scary, even for some adults, I think it could help children prepare for and have a better understanding of dentists.

  2. The Arlos series was created to prepare children for new experiences that they may encounter. What a wonderful idea!

  3. I love Arlo Goes to the Dentist. My son will ask to brush his teeth, but won’t actually brush them. He just sucks on the toothbrush and eats the training toothpaste. This might help him get the point because I have showed him how to brush his teeth correctly on multiple occasions. Plus, he loves elephants!

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