The Only Milk Santa Wants This Christmas Eve

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All children look forward to Christmas Eve and setting up treats for Santa and the reindeer! My children and I recently discovered Organic Valley and know that Santa is going to love seeing this at our table this Christmas eve!

Not all milk is created equally and there is a lot to consider when you purchase it for your family. The quality standard that we should all want to see starts at the farm. Organic Valley farms allows their animals to freely express their natural behaviors. These amazing animals that provide for our family with nutritious milk are aloud to do things like graze, forage, and play in the pasture. Very interesting fact that I discovered about them is that Organic Valley’s cows spend 50% more time outside on pasture than what the USDA organic standards require. They believe in working in harmony with nature because it is good for the animals and it helps provide the creamiest milk and the cheesiest cheese.

As parents we need to be extra vigilant about the food and drinks that we allow our children to consume, ensuring that it is nutritious and safe. We need to be especially careful when it comes to dairy products. Organic Valley never uses artificial hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, or GMOs, and they don’t add any artificial ingredients or fillers. They also conduct 57 separate quality checks so that they can be sure families are always getting the best.

Organic Valley insists on raising food in a way that takes care of their own families as well as ours… and they make it their mission to care for their animals and the earth. I found it so interesting that they are owned by 1800 small organic family farmers committed to raising good food, the right way. I know both Santa and myself will be more than happy to dip some chocolate chip cookies in some Organic Valley milk this season and all year long!

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