The Frugal Way to a Smart Home


The Frugal Way to a Smart HomeSmart home living is a glimpse into the far future. A future where we don’t even need to control our appliances and they can do everything for us, thus giving us more time to spend with our loved ones and focus on improving ourselves. Although that’s a far-off future that we won’t be seeing anytime soon, smart home technology allows us to get a taste of what future life will be like.

Sadly, smart home technology can be incredibly expensive, and despite all the advantages of smart home technology, it’s often not worth the cost. Considering that you need to replace certain appliances and invest in the whole smart home ecosystem, it can get rather costly and most frugal people don’t find it worth the money. Thankfully, there is a frugal approach to upgrading your home to be smart, and here are a couple of tips that will help you do just that.

Focus on the important appliances first

Smart home technology is an investment, but it’s a good idea to invest in the important appliances first before you set your sites on the luxury things. If you’re looking to secure your home, then take a look at to find a helpful list of smart home technology that will protect your home. This is a fantastic start if you don’t already have home security and you’re worried about your old and outdated system failing. In other words, you can simply replace old appliances that you would’ve thrown out anyway and get smart versions. This will help you slowly build up a collection of smart home appliances, and you can gradually build up your smart home ecosystem.

Learn how much money you can save

One of the biggest advantages of using a smart home system is the fact you can automate certain things in order to save money. For instance, using a smart thermostat will allow you to pre-heat your home when needed and shut it off when you aren’t at home. This can already be controlled with a timer, but if you want more accuracy and the ability to control it from the comfort of your phone, then you’ll need to invest in a smart thermostat. Utilizing effective ways to save cash is part of the frugal lifestyle, but if you can invest money to make bigger savings, then you can still consider it a frugal purchase.

Try out budget alternatives

Like any market, the smart home industry has plenty of budget alternatives. While these might not come with all the features of a standard smart home appliance, they do operate in a similar way and can give you a taste of what the higher-end will be like. In fact, many central hubs for smart home ecosystems like the Amazon Echo are fairly cheap and affordable. Smart home technology is surprisingly accessible, and since you only need a decent WiFi connection in your home to be able to use it, there is minimal setup required once you purchase a device.


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  1. Heather, this is a great subject to cover as smart home technologies are on the rise these days, lots of families are getting more curious about how to make their homes smarter. I agree with you on going step by step, set up the key appliances like security devices, internet, TV and audio equipment etc.

  2. Thank for great post sharing with us. I think everyone middle class should focus before buying a new appliance in Ur home which is the importance of appliance, money-saving, and budget alternatives.
    great pick by Heather W.

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