The Espresso Martini Recipe That You’ve Been Looking For!

Who doesn’t love a delicious cocktail? This modern twist on the traditional martini is a delightful addition to your cocktail-making repertoire. Whether you are pairing it with a meal or enjoying it on its own, this espresso martini recipe is sure to soon become one of your favorites! And, as more and more 90s trends become popular again, you’ll be ahead of the curve! This recipe couldn’t be easier, and it’s sure to make you the hit of your next party.

Your soon-to-be favorite espresso martini recipe

This recipe is simple and straightforward, with just a few necessary ingredients. One of the best things about an espresso martini is that it can be enjoyed year-round. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a cocktail without becoming too sleepy! But really, the main reason that espresso martinis are so popular year after year is that they taste great!


  • Ice cubes to your preference
  • 1⅓ parts Absolut vodka
  • ⅔ part Kahlúa
  • ⅔ part espresso
  • 3 whole coffee beans as garnish

First, you’ll need to combine all of the ingredients (besides the 3 whole coffee beans) in a cocktail shaker. Once you have shaken the concoction to your taste, it’s time to get out the strainer. Be sure to choose a glass worthy of this tasty cocktail. We’re partial to a classic martini glass, but there’s no need to limit yourself! Once you’ve poured out a glass with foam, garnish the glass with the whole coffee beans. Viola! You’ve got yourself a delicious twist on a classic cocktail. Enjoy!

Tips for making an even tastier espresso martini

Follow these tips to ensure that your espresso martini is top-notch! Of course, you can vary the recipe to your taste, but this is a great starting point. Once you make this traditional espresso martini, you can experiment with different ingredients and flavors to your heart’s content.

  • Perhaps the most important tip of all is to prepare the espresso well ahead of time. Once you make the coffee, be sure to chill it before adding it to your cocktail shaker. Using hot or warm espresso can alter the entire drink in a negative way.
  • By chilling the espresso shots before you begin crafting your cocktail will ensure that your martini isn’t diluted. And, you want the finished product to be as cold as possible for an optimal drinking experience. 
  • Shake the cocktail with vigor. This will help to make the drink as cold as possible and will also create an optimal amount of foam which will give your martini the finishing touch that it deserves.
  • To keep that foam frothy, be sure to pour the liquid from the cocktail shaker with a healthy amount of vigor. Remember, the secret to a beautiful espresso martini lies in the foam.

There you have it! Follow these instructions and tips and you will create the ultimate espresso martini. This is a perfect cocktail, no matter the occasion. Add a cinnamon stick as garnish during the holiday season. Or put in some extra ice on those steamy summer nights. There really is no time that isn’t right for a delicious espresso martini!

A lot of people love to use this recipe as a base and add further ingredients to create even more exciting cocktails. Adding mint, berry, or hazelnut flavoring may make cocktail purists turn up their noses, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment a little!

However and wherever you like to enjoy your espresso martini, be sure to make enough to share. Once word gets out about your fantastic mixology skills, you may find your popularity rising!

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