The Comfort of Full Bust Support Nightwear

Nightwear comes in a variety of sizes. All women’s body shapes are different and have diverse body sizes. However, in the last few years, silk lingerie with full bust sales have been on the rise. More and more women are buying larger bust sized and they found them as more comfortable lingerie. Stores are stocking them more than ever and the preference for larger sized bras and chemises is increasing. Full bust lingerie is being showcased in fashion shows and in marketing campaigns for most brands. In short, this size of lingerie is growing production and consumption wise. The market for plus-sized lingerie was estimated to be around a whopping $18 million in the past year!

What Is Full Bust Support Nightwear?

If you are new to women lingerie, this term might confuse you a little. Full bust lingerie consists of undergarments and nightwear that fits women with sometimes larger breasts, but mostly the construction of the bust area is meant to offer support and comfort to the bust. I will use bras as an example. This translates to bras that offer full coverage of the breasts. They are particularly meant for women who would like more coverage and shaping of the breasts. When talking about full bust breasts, it translates to sizes above the cup size of D or above i.e. 28E or 36DD.

People often confuse full bust lingerie with plus size. A woman could be a size small but with a larger bust cup who is need of support, thus she would not be considered “plus size.”

Whenever you are going shopping, sizing is mandatory to consider. Lingerie, with bras to be specific is designed for different people and the bra that fits you might not necessarily fit some other woman. Also online dress shopping in Sri Lanka is a great place to begin your search.

Who Wears Full Bust Support Nightwear for Comfort

In this article, we will dwell mainly on nightwear. Nightwear comes in different ways. Chemises, shorts, bras, pajamas, underwear can all be classified as nightwear. Nightwear exists in many fabrics with silk and cotton being the most common ones. As I mentioned earlier, full bust support nightwear is designed and created for women with large sized bodies. However, that is a mere generalization. The main focus of this type of nightwear is mainly on breasts and bras so I will use the terms to represent the whole body.  Full bust support nightwear is specifically perfect for;

            > Women with full or large breasts

            > Women who want extra support for their breasts

            > Women with loose breast tissue who need them shaped

            > Women who want something modest

            > Women who are looking for comfortable nightwear

            > Women who “spill out” of bras with less coverage

            > Women who have lost their breast’s shape from breastfeeding

            > Petite women who wear small band sizes but have large breasts

The above women find full bust nightwear to be comfortable and adds shape to their bust. Full support bras are perfect for women who are looking for comfort and support.

It keeps breasts where they are supposed to be, especially when moving around the house or having a good and restful sleep.

Choosing the Fabric

When deciding on what fabric of lingerie to buy, your budget should come as the first consideration. Silk is costly but the buy is worth it. Silk nightwear can be worn in all seasons as it is a temperature regulator and soft on the skin. The look and feel is luxurious and you’ll never want to take it off! Cotton, on the other hand, is ideal for the cold season but too hot for summer.

Shopping for Comfortable Full Bust Nightwear

When you are going shopping for anything, it is advisable to have a guide who will make sure you are on the right track. Buying nightwear is not any different. You have to measure your sizes and ask for a second opinion. Sales associates are also there to help you, measure, offer suggestions, and give their opinion.

Do a research on the different sizes and brands and decide which one is good for you before you go to the store. The internet is your best friend for your pre-research. Contact several stores and inquire for availability of your size and styles you are looking for before visiting. Happy shopping!

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