The Best Wine To Serve At A Crawfish Boil

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If there is one meal that I never grow tired of I would have to say hands down… it’s a crawfish boil! We love having friends and family over and to treat them to delicious food… this is a meal they always request. What I particularly love about a crawfish boil is that it brings people closer together. There is just something so special about sitting around a giant steam-pot together and enjoying some fresh steamed seafood and veggies. We recently had a large group of friends and co-workers over and I found myself trying to find the perfect beverages to serve with our boil. I was especially interested in finding a wine that pair perfectly with a crawfish boil! Thankfully I discovered Gloria Ferrer sparkling wine and am so incredibly pleased with how perfectly they pair with some of our favorite seafood.

The Best Wine To Serve At A Crawfish Boil

Gloria Ferrer is California’s most awarded sparkling wine house and they have received over 500 gold medals and fifty 90+ ratings in the last 5 years. The winery opened in 1986 in Sonoma County and is owned by the Ferrer family of Spain.

The Best Wine To Serve At A Crawfish Boil

The Ferrers have been winegrowers since the 1500’s and were well established sparkling wine producers in Catalonia. Upon enjoying a bottle of their sparkling wine there is no doubt that this is a family that has put an immense amount of hard work and dedication into creating such quality results.

The Best Wine To Serve At A Crawfish BoilI found myself drawn to two particular bottles of their wine; the Blanc De Noirs and Sonoma Brut, both pair perfectly with shellfish.


The Best Wine To Serve At A Crawfish Boil

Blanc De Noirs contains a bright strawberry and black cherry aroma with subtle vanilla highlights. The creamy cherry, lemon and cola flavors combine perfectly. This wine is outstanding with crab, which we always make sure to include in our crawfish boil.

The Best Wine To Serve At A Crawfish Boil

The Sonoma Brut contains a delicate pear and floral note, with a hint of toasty almond. You will also find that there is a taste of citrus, toast and apple flavors. While this wine is tremendously versatile, it is especially delicious when paired with the shellfish and crab in the crawfish boil.

If you are looking for sophisticated and well crafted wines that are affordable to pair with your crawfish boil, I highly recommend you consider adding Gloria Ferrer to the menu!

The Best Wine To Serve At A Crawfish Boil

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