The Best Ways to Relax in a Key West Charter Boat

What’s an ideal phenomenal escapade? Catching a sunset while cruising blue waters in a charter boat might be a perfect answer. In search of a getaway destination to delight in this escapade, the city of Key West should be at the top of the list. There is more to this subtropical island in Florida than meets the eye. 

Key West’s amusing attractions

Key West is located at the intersection point of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. On account of this convergence, coral reefs are a prime feature of the island’s ecosystem, not leaving out offshore attributes such as the dazzling beaches.

For water lovers, there are multiple enchanting activities to look forward to, a few of them being:

  1. Snorkeling.
  2. Underwater diving.
  3. Watersports such as parakiting.

Whether interested in such engaging activities or in the mood for a chilled experience, considering Key West boat rentals is a wise call.

About Key West charter boats

On Key West island, there are vessels available for hire. When you rent a boat, you need some sailing expertise as you’ll not only plan the itinerary but also be the captain navigating the vessel through the waters. Depending on your travel plan, you can rent a small vessel and have it for a short period, not exceeding a day or two. Alternatively, you can get a houseboat rental, which is more sizable.

On the other hand, there are charter boats, like the bareboat charters which work the same way as rental boats. Crewed charters require you to hire a captain and a team to operate the vessel. Most of the charter boats are yachts, which you can occupy for a more substantial amount of time, up to a week or longer.

When to get a rental boat, when to get a charter boat in Key West

The cognitive factor is the amount of time you wish to spend cruising the Atlantic waters. If your itinerary only involves a few hours or days, Key West boat rentals are what to go for. Otherwise, it’s ideal to charter a yacht or houseboat.

How to have a chilled stay in a Key West charter boat

There are multiple ways to achieve that relaxed stay:

  1. Get a couple of loved ones on board, those who match your energy, and equally love a cruising adventure. The cost of chartering is now less of a burden for you and with an amazing company, you get to make memories together.
  2. Request the chartering company to help you come up with a befitting travel plan, one that specifically meets your needs and quenches your thirst for a worthy adventure.
  3. Keep in contact with the boat owner, in case you require assistance or advice if you have concerns regarding your safety on the waters or when operating the boat gets complex and you would like a hand. 
  4. Settle on hiring a captain and crew if there is skepticism with respect to your expertise on operating and navigating the charter boat. 

In addition to this, a charter boat allows diverse entertainment alternatives. Such include having parties, enjoying a massage or spa experience, and having boat excursions using water toys. From the pointers, there is an assurance of conveniently having an exceptional stay on the charter boat, or rather, the buoyant resort.

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