The Best Mattresses for Heavy People

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to picking your mattress. Depending on age, weight, shape, and sleeping position, they all play a part in narrowing down the best mattress.

Finding the right mattress for you will involve considering your weight and shape. For a light person, a mattress may feel firmer, and for a heavier person, it may feel softer.  You can research the best mattresses available online before you make your choice. There are plenty of mattresses out there that are designed to meet any needs, so below are the top 5 mattresses recommended for heavy people.

The AmeriSleep AS2This is one of the best mattresses as it mixes comfort, support and durability. It’s a medium-firm mattress with a foam support layer that’s got a reputation for not sagging, which increases the durability, especially with a 20-year warranty. Its second layer has HIVE technology which is designed to add support where you need it and comfort where you want it. This is especially good for a heavy person as it means not worrying about any aches and pains.

Nest Bedding’s Alexander Signature SeriesThis mattress has got a variety of layers which makes it great for heavier people. With four foam layers that provide both stability and comfort as you sleep, it also has a cooling cover to help regulate your body heat. Some memory foam mattresses can store heat which means overheating through the night. The cooling cover helps prevent that, keeping you cool and helping airflow. You can also choose from a medium or luxury firm option; it’s recommended to go with the luxury firm for more support.

Casper’s The WaveThis mattress has five layers of foam, each with its own benefit. The first helps to contour to your body, the second gives you support, the third is a pressure reliever, the fourth is a cooling layer and the fifth adds comfort.  This mattress is ideal for side sleepers or stomach sleepers. If you suffer in the mornings with sore hips or an achy back, the layers in this mattress help relieve pressure points and add support, making it a great choice.

WinkbedsThe bonus of this mattress is it has a ‘plus’ model that is designed specifically for heavier people and to meet their mattress needs. It has a latex layer which helps to keep its shape and also provides support for your back whilst relieving pressure, making it great for back sleepers. It also has a variety of levels from soft to firm meaning there’s something for everyone.

Saatva This mattress is a hybrid, with layers of individually wrapped coils and foam layers. It has a lower coil unit and a top coil unit, which helps prevent sagging and also shape to your body, providing more comfort and support. It also has a memory foam layer which supports the lumbar region of your lower back, relieving tension. This is very important for heavy people no matter how you sleep- side, back or stomach.

There’s plenty of choices available for mattresses, it’s just a case of finding the perfect one for you. For more information, Click here for the best mattress for heavy people.

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