The Best Christmas Gifts For Her

Fancy mugs:

Who doesn’t love a fancy mug to add to their collection? Mugs seem to be a useful yet chic gift for women. The mugs can be customized according to color and pattern preferences. Name and designation can also be imprinted on the mugs.

Orthopedic slippers

One of the best gifts I have ever received was a good quality pair of orthopedic slippers and insoles for plantar fasciitis for women. These were something I didn’t know I needed until I had them! They go beyond just keeping my feet warm and they are always something I considering getting for friends and family.

Aromatherapy and mood lighting

Good scents and relaxing lighting never go out of style. Nonetheless, candles have become a tired and overused gift idea. A fragrance diffuser is an excellent alternative to a candle because it lasts much longer and allows the gift receiver to choose their own scents. Most diffusers also come with color-adjustable lighting, making them an attractive addition to any decor. 

A cozy sweater

As fall approaches, the cold weather begins to creep in. Pool parties and sunbathing give way to bonfires and movie nights. One of the greatest gifts to receive in this season is a warm and comfortable sweater. Think about your friend’s most frequently worn items and look for a similar, safe bet so that you can be sure it’ll become one of their favorites!

Trendy handbags for work 

Women today are done with carrying grandma’s look-alike bags to work- yes they are large, but then who has the energy to tug them around? Your BFF needs a bag that can house her makeup, her car keys and everything official (documents) and money too. A trendy leather bag for work is what she’d appreciate having as a gift. 

Beauty and lifestyle 

It is a fact that she is always on the move and this means she doesn’t have the time to sit and groom- be the friend who cares once again and bestow her with a monthly subscription of all things beauty and health related. From health foods to beauty supplements, cosmetics to lingerie and more, there are plenty of membership sites online for you to choose a premium plan for her from! How about some jewelry?

Gift cards/ hand-written notes:

Gift cards are wonderful. They define the love and affection of the companies for their employees.

Perfumes and flowers:

Giving flowers and perfumes is a vintage method to express love, devotion, and care on any occasion.


A watch can be a daily reminder of the person who gave it.

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