The 4 Best Areas To Use Bamboo Products To Be More Sustainable

Bamboo is something of a miracle material. It is being used in just about everything these days and with spectacular results. Since it grows so quickly, it is much better as a building material than wood. It can even replace plastic so there is less plastic clogging the landfills and getting into the water supply. It seems like there is little that bamboo can’t do.

This is why we should be replacing things in our home with bamboo products when they need to be replaced. There is almost nothing that can’t be replaced with this sustainable material and make the world a much cleaner and greener place. In this article, we will give you several ideas on where you can use bamboo as a replacement for the most common household goods.

1 – In the kitchen

You likely have a lot of plastic items in the kitchen that will one day be replaced. A plastic cutting board is a good example. At some point, it will be difficult to clean and be very worn down. When the time is up replace it with a bamboo one that is solid and also microbe-resistant naturally.

Even broom sweeping can be done in a more sustainable way when you replace your old one with a bamboo handle and recycled bristles.

From there we can look into reducing plastic bag use by getting some reusable shopping bags made out of bamboo fibers. You will see this theme of bamboo as a textile throughout this article because there are so many ways it can be used. In this case, it makes an excellent bag to bring to the supermarket that is durable and lasts a long time.

Shelves made out of bamboo and even countertops look really warm and inviting so this is an obvious place to look if you are doing a kitchen remodel.

2 – In the bathroom

There are a lot of opportunities to use bamboo in the bathroom. If your old towels are on the way out then replacing them with bamboo will make your showering experience more luxurious. Bamboo fiber is naturally very soft so it feels even nicer than terry cloth towels.

Its softness is also evident when used for toilet paper. Bamboo toilet paper is all the rage right now since it is far more sustainable than using virgin wood pulp to wipe up. Instead of cutting down forests to make toilet paper, we should use bamboo that grows in a matter of weeks. But, the softness is one of the best reasons to use it since it is thin and yet as soft as a quilted type.

Toothbrushes need to be replaced quite often and they end up clogging landfills. Bamboo toothbrushes are an excellent substitute since they will break down like wood in a landfill and not sit there for a thousand years.

3 – In the bedroom

Bamboo sheets feel absolutely luxurious due to how soft the fibers are. Not only do they feel great to sleep on, but the fibers are naturally antimicrobial. If you worry about bacteria getting trapped in the sheets from sweating at night, then you have a natural repellent in the material itself. Although the material doesn’t kill microbes, it presents an environment that doesn’t allow bacteria to grow and reproduce.

Pillows and mattresses can also be made out of bamboo as there is a process that is used to make it into memory foam. It is actually better than memory foam as it has a natural ability to wick away moisture and heat from the body. Since many people don’t like memory foam because it makes them sweat, this is a great alternative.

4 – In the kid’s room

Bamboo is even showing up in baby diapers in a couple of ways. Cloth diapers are in fashion again since so many tons of diapers end up in landfills every year and this is a good way to cut down on that.

Cloth diapers can be made with bamboo fibers just like any other textile. They are as soft as cotton and work just as well. Even plastic diapers can use bamboo instead if you would rather have a sustainable disposable diaper instead of the inconvenience of using cloth ones.

Replace things like plastic tubs for toys with bamboo toy boxes and shelves for a natural look as well as for use as an eco-friendly material. Even the toys themselves can be made out of bamboo instead of plastic especially for the really little ones that still use blocks and large puzzles.

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