Thai Pineapple Fried Rice Recipe

As a mother of four I find myself all too often struggling to find enough hours in the day to get everything done. We get so caught up in schedules, activities and life that it can sometimes we difficult to remember to slow down. I am guilty of this when it comes to the kitchen and recently was reminded how important it is to teach my children to cook. There are so many benefits to this that go far beyond just showing them how a recipe is made and I am thrilled to share that with you today… along with a recipes that our family is simply loving! We hope you enjoy this simple and delicious recipe for thai pinapple fried rice!

First of all… yes cooking with kids can be a lot more work and time consuming, but there are several ways to make it more enjoyable for everyone. For this recipe I recommend you pick up some of Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice. I love using these for recipes because you literally just pop it in the microwave, cook it for 90 seconds and it’s ready. No need to add water or measure anything out!

For this recipe I really want to emphasize that it is super kid friendly and not to focus on perfecting measurements and techniques… just have fun in the kitchen with your kids! Here is what you will need to create the recipe:


  • Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • Minced garlic
  • EVOO
  • Carrots, cut into thin sticks
  • Red bell pepper, chopped
  • Frozen peas
  • Soy sauce
  • curry powder
  • Whole pineapple
  • Green onions, cut into rings
  • fresh cilantro

Again… measurement are not important, just have fun making memories in the kitchen with your kids!

Your first step it to cook a pouch of rice in the microwave, we found that one bag fills an entire pineapple (two sides hollowed out.) Once your rice has cooled down enough to work with, pour in a bowl and mix with a handful of frozen peas.

Meanwhile, starting sauteing garlic, carrots, red pepper and onion in EVOO until soft (should only take a few minutes.) Add in the rice and peas and continue to stir while adding some soy sauce and curry powder (add as much or as little, just keep taste testing to see when you have reached the flavor you are happy with.)

While your rice is cooking on low heat, cut your pineapple in half and hollow out both side. Reserve some of your pineapple for the rice, cut into small cubes and toss into the rice mixture. I left out a bowl for the kids to add to their rice as they please.

Once your rice is cooked to your satisfaction, fill the pineapple halves and grab a spoon! I don’t know about you but my kids and I can’t get enough of these pineapple bowls, they make eating this meal so much fun! If your children enjoy green onions and cilantro, have them top their dishes with some!

Creating memories in the kitchen is so important for kids and something we as parents should practice as often as we can! Did you know that children who cook and eat with their families will often consume healthier foods? There is also research that has shown that they continue very often continue to grow up and make healthy choices as adults. In addition to encouraging healthy eating habits, this is also  great way to practice reading and writing in a fun way.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and that you feel inspired to get in the kitchen with your kids and make those precious memories! Let us know in the comment section below some of your favorite recipes to cook together with your kids in the kitchen!

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