Tasty Corporate Gifts You Can Make Yourself

It can be fun to give gifts, regardless of the occasion. Business savvy entrepreneurs use gifts not only as acknowledgements of one’s good work and as incentives for better productivity but also to mark special occasions around the office such as birthdays, holidays, special dates, etc. Homemade trend is becoming more and more dominant when it comes to gift giving. This transcends to corporate gift giving as well. Handmade gifts have more meaning and can be highly personalized to all sorts of occasions. Here are a few reasons to get back into the kitchen to bake up a few gifts for your colleagues.

Tasty Corporate Gifts You Can Make Yourself

Homemade Candy

Who doesn’t love to receive sweets on holidays such as Christmas and Easter? Whether there are allergies to worry about or you just don’t like the questionable ingredients on food labels these days, it is often best to make your own candies for your colleagues. From classics like peanut brittle or homemade fudge with varying flavors to candied nuts and licorice, the possibilities are endless. Make your colleagues feel special with a yummy, personalized gift.

Quick Breads

Quick breads are another great gift that can be fit for any taste, whether sweet or savory. Bake a warm loaf of pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving. With your homemade bread, add a homemade spread or butter as well just to take that extra step. It may seem simple, but that’s the thoughtful charm behind this type of homemade gift.

Cake in a Jar

Or, choose to gift the people at the office with a cupcake in a jar at the next holiday corporate party. Typically these are layers of cupcake and frosting, sprinkles and other toppings, which makes them highly customizable. Indulge yourself and your colleagues, or create healthy cupcake recipes for a guilt-free options. Cupcakes are always a great idea, and when this sweet treat is portable, everyone wins.

Remember, cupcakes do not have to be baked before they are given as gifts. Use a mason jar to fill with cake mix, frosting mix, toppings, and attach recipe to the lid with a cute ribbon or bow for the final touch. You can also try this with bread, muffins, brownies, and most other baked goods.

Soup or Stew in a Jar

Mason jars are a charming, rustic addition to any kitchen, so why not use them as a gift? Don’t forget to fill them with something though. Not every homemade gift has to be sweet (although we all love them), and you can just as easily provide dinner as well as dessert. Fill a mason jar with beans, dried vegetables, seasonings, herbs, and a recipe to make an easy one-pot meal that only requires water.

It can be hard to please everyone since there are a lot of different personalities in a workplace. Homemade gifts are the best solution to this dilemma. When you create your gifts at home, they can be customized for allergies, special diets, and just a healthier approach to holiday treats. The next time you are conflicted as to what to get for each member of your office, try a few of these homemade gifts and watch the smiles multiply.

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  1. Here are some ideas for an interesting corporate gift that won’t break my bank. You’re absolutely right homemade trend is becoming more and more dominant when it comes to gift giving. Great post!

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