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Surprise Ride: Subscription Box Review

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Surprise Ride: Subscription Box Review

About Surprise Ride

“The idea for Surprise Ride came when we, sisters and aunts of two active and curious boys, struggled to find unique gifts that would add value to our nephews’ lives. Having experienced tremendous economic hardship during our own childhood, we remembered a simpler time when what we enjoyed most as kids was getting immersed in activities with siblings and parents. We were fortunate to have a dad who was an artist by profession and facilitated DIY activities. He always encouraged us to bring our imaginations to life. Those projects shaped who we are and our view of the world. We want to help busy parents give their kids that same opportunity to evolve through play. Surprise Ride was born from the desire to have a lasting impact on the lives of children, beyond the latest toy or video game.”

Surprise Ride: Subscription Box Review

 My Review

When I was a young girl growing up, you could always find me playing outside in the yard catching bugs, getting dirty and helping my mom tend to the plants. On the days when the weather permitted that we must stay in the house, my mother was kind enough to set me up with an abundance of crafts. I see this same little adventurous and craft loving girl in my eight year old daughter each and every day, someone that isn’t afraid to get dirty and would rather play in the yard all day than sit in front of a television. While searching for a subscription box service geared towards her age, I discovered an amazing one called Surprise Ride and knew instantly that my daughter would love it! What intrigues me most about their boxes was that the activities were hands on and always contained a certain learning topic.

Surprise Ride: Subscription Box Review

My daughter was over the moon with excitement when she discovered that this months Surprised Ride box theme was all about bugs and plants! This box was literally packed full of some really fantastic goodies that she could not wait to get her hands on.

Surprise Ride: Subscription Box Review

 The kids have always been so entertained about the solar dancing flower with the lady bug on top when we go through the drive through at the bank. So when my daughter realized that there was one included in the box, she immediately had me open it up so she could place it in her bedroom window. This was such a great little addition to the box and something I know my daughter will enjoy for many years.

Surprise Ride: Subscription Box Review

 We recently had a few rainy days and found ourselves stuck in the house and doing lots of arts and crafts. My daughter brought it upon herself to take out the Surprise Ride box and work on creating her very own wind chime. All of the materials were provided for her, so she was able to get started right away on this project. Her masterpiece was beautiful, of course, and now hangs in our plant room where the sun hits it all day long!

Surprise Ride: Subscription Box Review

I always tell people that if you want to successfully grow a plant with your kids, grass is always the best option. It grows incredibly fast and is quite resilient, so if your child forgets to water it for a few days, it’s very easy to bring back to life. I just loved how hands on and messy this project was, but I was especially fond of how it encouraged my daughter to be responsible and tend to her plant each day. The first thing she would do when waking up in the morning was run to the window and spray/water her plant. One afternoon her little guy that she made sprouted a full head of hair and her reaction was simply priceless when she discovered this! hWe have been growing and trimming this little guys hair for weeks now and it has been such a great summer project for her.

Surprise Ride: Subscription Box Review

My personal favorite would be the book that was included in the Surprise Ride box because this is something my daughter can enjoy reading together over and over again. We enjoyed a delicious new snack together while reading this book together and it fit perfectly into the theme of the box. Overall I was extremely impressed with the Surprise Ride box and am ecstatic to have finally discovered a box that is designed for older children in mind. Everything that was included in the box was great quality\h and provided several great activities for my daughter!

Surprise Ride: Subscription Box Review

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23 thoughts on “Surprise Ride: Subscription Box Review

  1. What a fun box. I loved being outside when I was younger as well. I was always on the hunt for roly polies.

  2. I love how it includes a variety of things that fit the theme. My son would love to do all these activities.

  3. My two girls love arts and crafts and doing science experiments so this is perfect for them.

  4. This is great! I’ve been looking for a sub box for my older child since her baby sister received one every month. This sounds like a perfect type of box that she’d enjoy.

  5. I love how everything you need for an activity is contained in the box. This is a great educational activity and a fun way to spend time with my granddaughter.

  6. I am always looking for new projects for the babies. This box would be perfect for us! I REALLY love it!

  7. This does look fun and it gives your daughter something to look forward too. I like that it teaches things too. Thanks for sharing sweet pictures of your daughter too.

  8. This is such an awesome monthly subscription box! I love that their boxes are geared towards projects for young kids, how fun! I really like the little guy with the grass growing on his head, how adorable and fun! My daughter would really enjoy it as well.

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