Styling It Up: How to Wear Different Types of Boots

Styling It Up: How to Wear Different Types of BootsIf you are reading this blog during the heat of summertime, you may be wondering if you will ever enjoy boot weather again. Don’t worry about that. Autumn and winter months are right around the corner, and you will have plenty of chances to wear all your favorite boot styles. In fact, you may find yourself dressing up your cool weather outfits with all sorts of wonderful boots and boot accessories.

Own one perfect pair of boots

If you could own just one pair of boots, what style would they be? Ankle-high booties are a versatile choice for budget conscious fashionistas. Opt for neutral brown or black, and your booties will work with virtually any outfit. Slip into a pair of distressed skinny jeans, pull on an oversized turtleneck sweater, and top it off with a matching blazer for a relaxed and casual appearance. You can wear booties with dresses, as well. To achieve a long-legged look, be sure your booties rise only an inch or two above your ankles, and avoid boots that end at the widest part of your calf, advise style mavens at Stylishly Me fashion magazine.

A closet full of beautiful boots

So, you can afford to buy every boot you ever wanted. Good for you! There are so many lovely boot styles, it’s hard to choose just one. Of course, you’ll want to own at least one pair of comfortable stacked heel boots that you can wear for hours on end and a pair of cozy snow boots, too. Then again, you may find that pairing macho combat boots with a girly-girl dress suits your unique sense of style. If your wallet cooperates, invest in an extravagant pair of moto boots from Anna Dello Russo’s Saint Laurent. Made of first-class leather with a non-skid sole and dependable hardware, these winter-friendly boots will set you back around $2,400, says Stylecaster magazine.

Boots for walking, boots for flirting

Moto boots are ideal for stomping city sidewalks, and Uggs are great in snow, but there may be times when a pair of less-than-comfortable stiletto booties are just the thing you want to wear. Spare your feet and ankles when you save your outrageous boot wear for dinner dates where the only walking you’ll do is from a taxi into a restaurant.

Riding boots are not necessarily for riding. In fact, style experts say that any boot that rises to your knee or higher may be termed a riding boot. Flat or slightly-stacked heels are your best bet, especially if your day or night entails walking any distance. Don’t forget to add a touch of flirty interest to any outfit when you wear a pair of lacy boot socks from BCS Boutique.

Isn’t it nice to know that boot weather is closer now than it was when you started reading this article? Start planning your autumn wardrobe today, and you and your boots will be ready for anything when cooler weather rolls around.

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