Staying Healthy All Year Long

There are many times throughout the year, such as the holidays, birthday parties and celebrations, where there is extra cheer around, it also means that there are extra rich foods, piles of sweets and tons of things that are definitely not on your diet. Staying healthy all year long can be difficult, but these tips will help you stay focused on your diet while still enjoying these special occasions.

Know What You Eat

When you are not the one cooking all the foods, it may be tricky to know what ingredients go into each dish. Is there meat in that tray of stuffing? What about eggs? Is the bread special gluten free bread or just regular? You need to know! Don’t eat anything that you have questions about. Ask those who cooked the food for the details, they will likely be happy to talk about how they made all their amazing dishes and you will know exactly what you can and cannot eat.

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Get Picky

With calorie rich soups, tons of fat filled side dishes and trays upon trays of cookies around you all the time, you may think that you want it all. However, do you really want everything? While all of the foods at the gathering look tempting, you may be eating more with your eyes rather than your stomach. Only put the foods on your plate that you really, truly want rather than just loading your plate with everything that looks good. Being a little pickier about what you eat instead of trying everything will save you calories and prevent you from over eating. Yes, those 5 types of cookies do look good but just pick the one that is really calling your name!

A Little Less

All of the good foods that appear at gathering make you want to take more than you need. In fact, you probably are tempted to go for seconds or thirds when those luscious foods are all around you. Don’t do it! By just having a little restraint and taking slightly less food than you initially want, you will be able to cut the calories and stick to your diet plan. Rather than having two big servings of honey baked ham, just have one. Skip that third cup of hot cocoa and have just one. Take a smaller serving of apple pie and skip the ice cream. When you cut back a little bit at every meal, you can still enjoy all the foods that you want but along the lines of your diet. Everyone wins!

Stay True To Your Diet

If you are on a diet that restricts you from having certain foods, you need to make a conscious effort to stick to your dietary limitations throughout the duration of the gathering. If you aren’t supposed to eat gluten, skip all gluten laden foods. If you are on a low fat diet, keep eating low fat foods. There is plenty of variety in foods that you can stick to your diet while still enjoying the flavors of the season.

Just One…

Special gathering are a time to splurge. Even if you are on a strict diet, you deserve one splurge. You definitely do! Making the conscious decision to allow yourself one treat a week will help you stick to your diet all the other days. Knowing that your special treat is coming is great motivation and, when you finally get your treat, you will enjoy it that much more.

By following these simple tricks and tips, you can definitely enjoy all your favorite foods and stay true to your dietary goals. This sounds like the healthiest and happiest way to enjoy food and stay healthy all year long!

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