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Staying Connected With Family During The Holidays

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Staying Connected With Family During The Holidays #HolidaysAreCalling

It was right around this time last year that my husband received an amazing job offer and we were overjoyed at what a great opportunity this was for us. Despite our thrills and excitement, my heart was saddened with the fact that we were moving from the place we were born and raised… a place where all of our family and friends lived.. a place that we had called home for over twenty years. Before we knew it, February arrived and we tearfully said our goodbyes, loaded our family into the moving truck and left Maine and began our long journey to Georgia. Our first eight months here could not have been more perfect and we have fallen in love with Georgia. We have grown so much as a family and even welcomed our beautiful baby girl over the summer. Staying connected with my family in Maine is of the utmost importance to me and I want my children to know that they think of them all of the time. We Skype and make phone calls quite often to one another and there is no question about it that having a reliable phone that contains the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans is an absolute must. I want my children to be able to talk to their grandparents, aunt and uncles without having to worry about using too many minutes. I want to be able to snap shots of my children during adorable candid moments and send them to my mom a couple dozen times a day. That is why I have chosen to switch our phones to Walmart Family Mobile and take advantage of their unlimited talk, text and data. I have been using this no contract plan for months and I am still amazed at what an affordable cell phone plan I have.


You see those two fabulous employees in the Walmart Mobile store? As a Walmart Family Mobile customer I have visited them several times and they are just the sweetest ladies. I can always count on them to provide over the top customer service and to answer all of my questions. They are very knowledgeable about the phones, the different plans available, how to get you started and will point you in the right direction if you have a question they can’t quite answer. I think I could sit in that store all day discussing Walmart Family Mobile, my kids, and their grandkids, haha!


If you find you have a free moment during your next trip to Walmart, stop by the Walmart Family Mobile display, it is quite easy to locate. There is also an area in the electronics department where you can find an additional display, but I would suggest visiting the store so you have someone to answer all of your questions. 


If you find that you just can’t pass up the Walmart Family Mobile service… which is only $34.88/month for Unlimited Talk, Text, & Web ($29.88 for the second line) and it comes with 5GB of 3G Data, more to do with higher speed bucket… then what you see in the image above is all you need to get started! There were tons of rollbacks on their smartphones, check them out below:

  • Alcatel One Touch Evolve 2 – $49.88 (was $59.88)
  • ZTE ZMAX – $179.00 (was $199.88)
  • LG L90 – $119.00 (was $179.88)
  • Nokia Lumia 635 – $99.88 (was $129.88)
  • Samsung Galaxy Exhibit – $79.88 (was $99.88)
  • Nokia Lumia 530 – $49.88 (was $69.88)

You will also see in the image above that there is a Walmart Family Mobile starter kit that is going to cost $25. This is a one time purchase and you will never again need to buy one, even when you purchase and/or add more phones to the line. Since we are already Walmart Family Mobile customers and have made this purchase, the kind employees allowed me to get a shot of the starter kit so you know what it looks like. The kit includes a SIM card and everything you need to know to get your no contract account started, which is very simple and can be done in no time.


We left with the LG Optimus L90 and I was told by the Walmart Mobile employee that they have had tons of customers come in recently to purchase this phone. This is such an affordable smartphone with all of the bells and whistles you are going to find in the phones that are 3X this price. I have been quite pleased with all of the phone’s features and my children are able to navigate the phone on their own without any problems.


Making sure these two stay connected with their family in Maine during the holidays is very important to me. We are so close with our family and being away from them this Christmas is going to be incredibly difficult. We are trying to make the best of it and the kids try to find time a few days a week to update Nana & Grandpa on life here in Georgia, as well as let them know what is on their Christmas list this year. They love sharing stories about their new baby sister and it is wonderful to hear them express their excitement over watching her grow. Once those two get on the phone they have endless amounts of stories to tell and could chat away to their grandparents for hours. Not having to worry about the amount of time they spend on the phone is a tremendous relief, as they have unlimited minutes to consume. Walmart Family Mobile has allowed us to include our long distance family with our every day life and at such an affordable cost. I am so thankful that we live in a time where staying connected with family during the holidays isn’t complicated and I am looking forward to sharing our first Christmas in Georgia with them!


If you have long distance family, I would love to know how you stay connected with family during the holidays!

2 thoughts on “Staying Connected With Family During The Holidays

  1. Besides the fact that your kids are so cute…I don’t have any family around. So I stay connected with family through Facetime or Skype, Facebook, and even occasionally via snailmail…

  2. Love that they are calling Nana & Grandma with their Christmas wish list! Family is so important. It’s good to know their are less expensive options for cell phone plans. I realy need to look into this for my preteen who is desperate for a phone!

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