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SmartSilk Pillow Protector Review

A special thanks to SmartSilk for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with free products in exchange for an honest review!

Smart Silk Pillow Protector Review

About SmartSilk

The SmartSilk™ All Natural Bedding Collection provides all season comfort and the luxury of sleeping in breathable silk fill along with a soft cotton finish, offering a more comfortable night’s sleep. The SmartSilk™ Luxury Bedding Collection is created and produced in-house and was developed and designed in Canada.”


About the Smart Silk Pillow Protector

“The SmartSilk™ all natural silk filled Pillow Protector made with our exclusive patent pending technology ensures an increased level of comfort with its smart blend of breathable and moisture wicking materials. Feel the difference with The SmartSilk™ Shield Advantage, offering you a cleaner sleeping environment. Simply encase your pillow with our pillow protector that has been certified asthma & allergy friendly™ and you will be shielded against allergens, dust mites, and pet dander. The Smart Temperature Advantage offers you an incredibly comfortable place to rest your head for an uninterrupted night’s sleep. The SmartSilk™ Pillow Protector is constantly, naturally and automatically adjusting to your body temperature, keeping your head and neck at the perfect temperature in addition to its moisture wicking properties.”

Smart Silk Pillow Protector Review

My Review

I am not ashamed to admit that I am completely lenient when it comes to my children sneaking into bed with me at night and not forcing them to go back to their own beds. After years of cosleeping with my children as babies, I have become pretty use to being kicked, slapped and punched while in my sleep, and over time I’ve become tolerant of them sleeping with me. My husband and three year old son usually take over the pillows and let me just say, they are extreme droolers at night. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have thrown three pillows away the past few months because their drooling grossed me out so much. I have tried washing and air drying them, but the pillows just never seem to be the same after that. So I find myself constantly replacing pillows instead of finding a simple solution. I was so excited to try out a pair of SmartSilk Pillow Protectors, that I went out and bought myself two brand new pillows. I even splurged on a nicer pair because after researching the pillow protectors, I was confident they would do a fantastic job protecting them.

I am happy to report that the SmartSilk Pillow Protectors did not disappoint and I am so thrilled with them! Not only have they lived up to their expectations for protecting my pillows from sweat/drool/stains, they have also added extra comfort to my pillows. They are soft, comfortable, cozy and I am especially pleased with the fact that the zippers are located on the inside of a flap. Most importantly, they have made it so unbelievably convenient to keep my pillows clean, I no longer have to toss them out! All I have to do is remove the pillow protectors and toss them in the wash. I am so amazed with every aspect and feature of these pillow protectors and could not be more impressed. If you are looking for a way to keep your pillow clean while making sure you are breathing safe at night, then you should defiantly check our SmartSilk today, you will not be disappointed!

Smart Silk Pillow Protector Review

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21 thoughts on “SmartSilk Pillow Protector Review

  1. I like that It is all natural silk filled Pillow Protector with a blend of breathable and moisture wicking materials. Looks so luxurious.

  2. My husband uses a pillow protector. He has allergies and we found this the best way to deal with them. His are getting rough but hoping to win these for a better protection against allergies.

  3. I’m absolutely terrified we may have picked up bed bugs during a recent hotel stay, but I haven’t found any real evidence. Encasing my pillows in these would make me feel much better! I also love the cooling/wicking properties, especially with my hot flashes and summer just ahead. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely product!

  4. The zippers are INSIDE the flap?? How cool is that! I love it! Plus, I have so many allergies, I know these would help. Not to mention helping to keep me cooler in the summer, I get so hot when I sleep. These do sound fine!

  5. Sounds great! I have just started menopause and the night sweats are brutal. Having these would help!

  6. My husband drools – enough said! I could so use these pillow covers. As well, I love that the zippers are inside – this reminds me European pillow covers that fold like sandwich bags for no exposed ends.

  7. These pillow protectors sound wonderful. For some reason I have started to sweat a little bit at night and these would come in handy keeping my pillows clean.

  8. I just bought the mattress cover and upon opening it, I noticed a chemical smell. I’m wondering if any chemicals are put on or in it (flame retardant?) or for any other reason. I feel sick from smelling this now. Any thoughts?

  9. Recently purchased a pr. for Queen sized covers so kindly note my opinion here is only based on a few nights.
    I washed ’em prior to utilizing at the suggestion of the retail tech too.
    First couple of nights included pillow case over the protector and that proved too warm for me. Temps here in SWFL are already cranking up and it’s not even May yet…Better result w/o the pillow case but still not there yet in terms of comfort features and benefits claimed. Ext. cotton shell is ok but shud get better with a few more washings is my hope…Still early…

  10. A standard pillow case adds a layer of fabric that prevents some light wear and tear which is associated with sleeping on a pillow. Over time, pillows can fade, get dirty and incurred tears and holes.

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