Small Tasks That Can Keep You and Your Family Safer

Family emergencies strike without warning. Whether a storm hits, causing damage to your home and property, or a family member suffers a life-altering accident, personal emergencies can put financial and emotional strain on any family. However, there are simple tasks you can undertake which ensure your family has the resources and a plan of action if the unexpected does arise. Keep your family safe with these simple tips.

Save More

No matter what the emergency is, it’s always good to have money kept away for a rainy day. However, most Americans live within their means, no matter how much money they earn. So, how do you make a budget that allows you to save month in and month out? Well, there are a collection of budgeting apps and services out there. Mint is the most popular budget helper out there. Link your bank accounts, credit cards and even investments and be able to view all your money at a glance. Mint also streamlines the process. It views your prior expenditures and categorizes them depending on the kind of purchase it was. That trip to Trader Joe’s is filed under Groceries, while that blouse you bought is filed under apparel. Mint helps you identify where your money goes and where you should cut back. The only drawback is that Mint requires steady and consistent expenditures and income. Without both, it quickly becomes confused as to where your money comes from and where it goes.

Another wonderful budget app is Honeyfi. Honeyfi is a budget tool specifically made for couples. It lets both parties see what expenses reoccur and which ones are made for the benefit of both parties or just one. Honeyfi is built for large life changes like moving in together, marriage and having children.


Individual health insurance for each person in your family is a must-have. An unexpected injury can put anyone into heaps of debt if they are not covered. Whether you are starting a family or expect an addition, it’s paramount you keep your insurance company up-to-date. You should also shop for health insurance plans, periodically. You may not have the best deal or the plan that works best for your family.

Home Security

Home security has improved leaps and bounds in the last decade. While home surveillance cameras were once only for the wealthy, now quality security cameras can be purchased for a reasonable price. Whether you choose a system that syncs with your smart home hub, like Nest Secure, or a more traditional security system with 24/7 monitoring, such as ADT Plus, you can find a security system that fits your budget. While smart home systems are cheaper and don’t have a monthly fee, they also don’t include professional monitoring. Services like ADT Plus are all inclusive but do require a monthly investment.

Your family and home are the most important aspects of your life, that’s why it’s essential you protect them by any means necessary. Lucky for you, however, there are simple actions that can provide your family stability. Set a budget either with or without a budge tool and stick with it. Save money in case of emergency. Communicate with your healthcare provider and insurance company. Make sure you get the best deal for health insurance for the entire family. Outfit your home with a security system that fits your budget. These simple steps will increase the safety of your family and home.

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