Skating Security: Keeping Your Kids Safe While Learning to Skateboard

Are you keen on teaching your kids to skateboard? Skateboarding is an incredible way for kids to get active, stay in shape and get outdoors. With children now often spending time on the computer or their tablets, getting active has become an increasing challenge. Teaching your kid to skateboard is a fantastic way to both bond with your child and get them outdoors. In this article, we look at steps you can take to help your kids learn to skateboard. Read on to find out more. 

1. Purchase All The Necessary Gear

When teaching your children to skateboard, it is important that you purchase all the necessary gear. Like any sport, getting good quality gear is important. This is especially important with regards to skateboarding as the proper gear not only helps your child learn to skateboard easily, but also ensures their safety. Some of the skateboarding essentials you’ll need are a quality helmet, a kids skateboard that is of appropriate size for your child and a good pair of shoes that will keep your child safe and secure on a skateboard. Having your skateboarding arsenal is an absolute must before your kids head out to hit the slopes! 

      2.    Start With Softer Surfaces

When teaching your kids how to skateboard, it is important that you start on softer surfaces and then make your way up to harder surfaces. Some surfaces you can look at starting the skateboarding journey on are grass and carpet. It is important that you teach your child how to stand on their skateboard on a comfortable surface that will not injure them should they fall over. Once your child masters the art of standing and balancing on the board on a safe surface, you can then take them outside to a surface they can ride on. 

      3.    Hit The Skatepark

Once your child has learned how to safely get on and off a board and stand on it with good balance, we recommend taking them out to a skate part. Skate parks are a safe environment where your child can practice skateboarding without the dangers of cars or pedestrians. The best time to head to the skatepark is in the morning when it is at its most quiet and free from intermediate skaters or adult skaters which can be somewhat intimidating to a newbie. One of the best places to start your child skateboarding at the skatepark is on the slants. Slants will help teach your children how to keep their weight forward and is a fantastic starting point. 

      4.    Try Skateboarding Together

Whilst teaching your child how to skateboard, it is important that you get involved too. There is no better way to teach a child something than to show them firsthand. Skating with your child can also give them more confidence to tackle the activity as they won’t be alone. The more you practice with your child, the better they will get at skateboarding as will their confidence. As always, remember that both you and your child will have to wear helmets and have the appropriate skating gear – lead by example! 

      5.    Sign Them Up For Classes

Lastly, there is no better way to help your kids learn to skateboard than to sign them up for a couple of classes. This way, you can rest assured that they are learning all the best tips and tricks from a professional. Signing your child up to a class will also expose them to other children who are learning how to skateboard. Who knows, they may make even make a friend or two that they can skateboard with for years to come! 

We hope that this article has been useful in teaching you a few simple ways in which you can help your kids learn to skateboard. Teaching your child a sport is always an enriching and fulfilling experience, so get started as soon as you can! 

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