Six Reasons To Get A Will Sorted Out

Did you know that most people get to their 50s having not written a Will? It’s something that you should be looking into as early as getting your first job, but if you haven’t considered it yet, let this be the article to convince you of why you need to. The sooner you write a will, the better.

What is a Will?

A will is a document that offers you protection in a range of different situations. Without one, your possessions and estate would not be protected and distributed in the way that you want them to be. You need to think about a Will if you want to ensure that your assets are in one piece at all times. You need to know what would happen to your stuff if you die without a Will, and you need to learn what happens to a trust in a divorce, too. Without one, the people and the possessions that you care about may not be taken care of – and that’s not ok.

Below, we’ve put together six reasons you should be getting a Will sorted out ASAP. 

  1. You love your kids. It’s the simplest and easiest reason to go ahead and get your Will sorted out. You love your children, and you want them to have the very best and your best includes you getting a Will to tell them what they are entitled to when you die. You can dictate what you want to happen to your kids in your Will, especially if you’re a single parent and they’re under 18.
  2. You should be the one to choose what happens to your things. You make memories throughout your life, and you gather precious mementos and trinkets that really mean something to you. You want to ensure that you dictate where these go when you die, and a Will helps you to do that.
  3. There won’t be arguments. Do you really want your whole family fighting over your things? Of course you don’t. If you get your Will sorted out, you will ensure that no one is going to be fighting over anything; it’s a done deal.
  4. Your family is blended. If you are a part of an amazing blended family, you need to make sure that you have everything in your life equally divided among your heirs. If there is anyone you don’t want to benefit from your Will, now’s the time to write them off.
  5. You want to make life easy. When you want to keep life simple for your family, you need a Will. You don’t want state laws to come into play and take over your estate.
  6. You cannot guarantee your “when”. No one knows when they’re going to die. You can’t tell whether it’s tomorrow or whether you have another fifty years. You don’t know when you will meet your maker but if you have a Will, you can prepare the “what comes next”. This is what you need to prepare for as early as possible.

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