Simple Tips To Make Your Dinner Guests Feel Special

Putting together a dinner party requires a lot of preparation and work. Depending on your preferences, you may need to clean the house, go grocery shopping, prepare a meal, set the table, arrange flowers, replenish the bar, create a music mix, make arrangements for childcare or find kid-friendly alternatives, get yourself dressed and presentable, light the candles, and set out the appetisers. Phew! All of these things are worthwhile, but as a host, your primary responsibility is to ensure that your guests have a pleasant and enjoyable experience. 

Making your visitors feel at ease is not very challenging, but it does require you to divide your attention between the preparation of the food and the duties of the host. Except in the event if you are co-hosting the party with a friend or a partner, in which case it makes perfect sense for one person to focus on the guests while the other person focuses on the food. The following are a few fundamental tips to ensure that your guests feel welcome and at ease in your house and at the table you have set for them.

1. Greeting them at the entrance and offering them something to drink as soon as they enter.

2. Put them in contact with the other guests and get the conversation going between them.

3. Find out ahead of time whether they have any food allergies or sensitivities, and then design a meal around that, rather than calling attention to them by preparing a dish that is a “special exception.” This cannot be done all the time, but it is enjoyable whenever it is.

4. Keep in mind people’s preferences (such as their preferred type of wine, a brand of whiskey, or a certain pasta dish), and make sure to have those items available.

5. Do not automatically assume that individuals from other countries will be interested in eating the cuisine of their own country. Having said that, you should absolutely give it a shot if you are certain that you are an expert in their cuisine and you wish to provide them with a flavour of home cooking.

6. If the people in the group do not know each other very well, it is a good idea to provide cuisine that is not too difficult to eat or that does not require a lot of different utensils. Sometimes, simple but well cooked food is the best option. Why not look at ‘grass fed beef near me’ and make something delicious based on that?

7. Pay attention to the lighting and temperature in the room, and make any necessary adjustments as necessary. If you are throwing a party outside, be sure to provide guests with warm blankets and shawls.

8. Make sure to plan your food ahead of time so that you will not have to spend the entire allotted time rushing around the kitchen. People enjoy delicious food, but they enjoy each other’s company even more, and many of your close friends are here to see you.

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