Silly Lunch Day With Little Mr. Frugal

I came across this idea on Pinterest awhile ago and have been meaning to try this with my two year old. How cute and silly is this lunch idea!? Not only was it a huge hit, but it was also little helper friendly. Here is a step by step guide on how we hade the silliest of lunches this afternoon!


Step 1: Purchase your supplies (Hot dogs and spaghetti pasta)

roman lunch



Step 2: Cut hot dogs in half and then poke pasta through the middle. This is a great opportunity to let your little one(s) help, very little mess to clean! Spaghetti pasta, as you can see from the picture below, is also an exellent source of entertainment for little ones and makes a good set of drumsticks!

roman lunch2             roman lunch 3

Step 3: Boil in water, I would suggest doing this for 10-15 minutes, possibly longer. We took ours out when the pasta on the outside looked done. However, the pasta inside the hot dogs was still a little undercooked. There was no way my son was letting me take his lunch from him to cook longer. So I was not able to get an accurate amount of time on how long to cook them for… he is very serious about lunch time 🙂


roman lunch 5

Step 4: ENJOY! This is officailly a Little Mr. Frugal approved lunch idea!

roman lunch 6

roman lunch 7



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