Safeguard Your Home With Netgear Arlo Smart Home

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I was watching my local news the other day and while a women was at work, she received an alert on her phone informing her that the security cameras in her home were picking up some activity. Once she loaded the app she witnessed a group of men ransacking her home and stealing her things. She was able to alert the police while the crime was occurring and the criminals were captured. Could you imagine coming home after a long day at work and realize that your home had been broken into and they had robbed your home? Thanks to an advancement in security for homeowners, products such as the Netgear Arlo Smart Home are helping people to safeguard their homes. You can now safeguard your home or business with this 4-pack of motion-activated NETGEAR Arlo Smart Home security cameras, which enables you to capture 720p video footage both during the day and at night.

Safeguard Your Home With Netgear Arlo Smart Home

The 4 camera set is an “ONLY AT BEST BUY” product. While you can purchase Arlo cameras at other retailers, you can only purchase this exclusive set (a great value at $499.99) at your local Best Buy store. This products enables you to safeguard your home or business with the 4 motion-activated Netgear Arlo Smart Home security cameras. The downloadable app enables you to view live video from your compatible Android, Apple® iOS, Amazon Kindle, Windows or Mac device. These cameras are completely wire free and are for use inside and outside (weatherproofed for temperatures ranging from 14° to 122°). These cameras also allow you to capture 720p video footage both during the day and at night , with a 130° field of view. The motion-activated design automatically records motion once detected, then it will send an e-mail or app notifications (depending on your notification settings.) Your cameras come with 6 magnetic camera mounts and 9 mounting screws, for easy installation on a wall or flat surface.

Safeguard Your Home With Netgear Arlo Smart Home

I have included an screen shot down below of the app so that you can see two of the cameras in action! We have mounted one of the camera to the wall in our garage (a common place where criminals will break in). There is another camera installed on the back deck entrance, a camera is installed at the entryway of our home, and the final camera is installed in our living room. All three entrances to our home are now safeguarded and we will be alerted by the app if we are ever not home and the cameras pick up motion. You will often see robbers go right to the living room and steal your television, so we found that having a camera in that location was the best. It is so reassuring to know that my home is protected and that I will be able to alert authorities immediately if there is ever a break in!


We have a fairly large home and our router is located in my husband’s office, which is on the bottom floor. Being that the cameras depend on our WiFi, it is imperative that we have a reliable connection so that the cameras continue to function normally. The most reliable router we have found is the Netgear Nighthawk DST Router and DST Adapter, which includes Geek Squad and available exclusively at Best Buy. This is a brand new router that was exclusively Safeguard Your Home With Netgear Arlo Smart Homedeveloped between Netgear, an industry leader in the networking world, and Best Buy, to help provide consumers with an easy, all-in-one solution to support their home’s connected devices. As the number of Wi-Fi dependent products increase in a home (the average US household has 7 connected devices) from smart phones (often several in a home), to tablets, to laptops, to computers, and Wi-Fi printers, this puts a strain on the home’s network, especially the router. With the interest in online gaming and 4k TVs, connected devices such as smart thermostats, plus the need to stream shows from Netflix or hulu, it places even more demands on the network. Many households may experience slow Wi-Fi, dropped calls, or experience “dead zones”, which could be improved upon with an “AC” router, Wi-Fi extenders and expert help. The AC1900 comes with one DST, or “Dead Spot Terminator,” adapter to help improve Wi-Fi access and additional adapters can be purchased for other dead zones. This high-performance router was built to support 10+ connected devices and you can also prioritize devices for streaming videos or music, and included advanced features for lag-free gaming. The Geek Squad service via phone & web allows customers to call or get help 24/7 whenever they want, vs. the need to schedule an appointment.


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  1. Such an valuable post. Home security cameras are now became essential part of a smart home because it really help a lot to make sure the safety of you valuable assets. The above review is helpful and thank you for sharing.

  2. This is truly an awesome blog mentioning the benefits of -netgear arlo smart camera. As a Mother of two children and I regularly go outside for working so I always worried about my children safety. After reading this informative article, I bought this netgear arlo smart camera . This is very useful for me, that I can keep an eye on my children when they are staying at home and it also help a lot to make sure the safety of my valuable assets. Thanks for sharing thins informative tips regarding arlo smart camera!

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