Revamp and Refresh: Ultimate Home and Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Most Americans want their homes to look like an Ikea catalog and are ready to make it happen by spending significant money on it. According to research, American homeowners spent $567 billion on home refurbishment and repairs in 2022! 

Furthermore, changing weather conditions over the preceding years have necessitated the frequent need for home improvements. Dry states, such as Colorado, typically have varying temperatures, with hot summers and cold winters. The varying temperatures can exert pressure on the plumbing system, leading to issues such as frozen pipes in winter and leaks in summer. It is always advised to reach out to a professional such as Plano Plumbing Experts for all of your plumbing projects.

Moreover, Colorado experiences an average humidity of 33% which can cause mold growth in bathrooms and damage paint jobs, demanding replacements and regular maintenance. Additionally, the state’s propensity for frequent hailstorms, snowfalls, and strong winds can result in broken windows, siding, and roofs, degrading the house’s structural stability. 

From planning and budgeting to design and implementation, this article will provide you with the information and inspiration you need to achieve your remodeling objectives.

  1. Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom can be one of the most critical aspects of revamping your home. You can spruce up your bathroom with something as simple as replacing your shower. Especially if you reside in a city like Aurora, Colorado, where high humidity can contribute to grimy and poorly draining showers, such replacements are crucial for a functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom. You can consult experts in bathroom remodeling in Aurora who understand these weather conditions better and provide hassle-free installation services with free consultations and guaranteed quality. 

You can also install energy-efficient fixtures such as water-efficient toilets, modern faucets, and water-saving showerheads to reduce energy consumption and utility bills. Moreover, if you are a couple who gets ready for work together, installing a dual sink and double mirrors above the vanity will make it more convenient and time-efficient to get ready. 

Moreover, to keep the bathroom clutter free, incorporate smart storage solutions such as wall-mounted cabinets, floating shelves, or built-in niches. You can also install a large mirror to create an illusion of a spacious bathroom.

  1. Focus on Functional Layouts

When redesigning your home, prioritize functional layouts that enhance usability and flow. Consider the purpose of each room and how it aligns with your lifestyle. Optimize traffic patterns, create designated spaces for specific activities, and maximize the use of available square footage.

The effectiveness and functionality of your house are enhanced by such functional layouts. They contribute to a peaceful atmosphere and improved quality of life with an organized and harmonious environment. A well-designed layout also adds value to your property and attracts potential buyers in the future.

  1. Implement Energy-Efficient Lightning 

An article published on UCLA Health’s website discusses a study where 1600 North American workers claimed they desired natural light and a view of the outdoors more than luxurious gyms and fancy cafes! 50% of these workers agreed that limited natural light negatively affected their mood. This suggests that incorporating natural light elements can increase your overall wellness. Maximize lighting by strategically positioning windows, skylights, and light wells to bring in natural light. Natural light will reduce the need for artificial lighting and maximize your house’s visual appeal. Additionally, incorporating natural light can help reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills.

Consider window placements that optimize views, privacy, and energy efficiency. You can also adjust lighting levels to conserve energy with dimmer switches and motion sensors. 

  1. Upgrade to Energy-Conserving Systems

Energy-efficient solutions contribute to a more sustainable and cost-effective house. To increase energy efficiency, consider replacing appliances, HVAC systems, insulation, and windows. For even more energy savings, install LED lights and programmable thermostats.

You may reduce carbon impact and utility costs by upgrading to energy-efficient technologies. Energy-efficient systems and appliances use less energy overall, reducing energy consumption bills. These improvements boost your home’s value and appeal to eco-aware purchasers.

  1. Enhance Curb Appeal

According to Consumer Reports, improving the landscaping of your house can increase your curb appeal by 3-5% and creates a good impression on potential buyers. You can plant flowers for a more pleasant home exterior. The vibrant colors and fragrances of flowers will uplift your mood and create a welcoming ambiance for your guests.  

Choose plants that complement your house’s architecture, and mix a bunch of plants with different shapes, colors, and heights to create a visual appeal. You can also install a hammock or a swing on the porch. 

Moreover, you can also upgrade to a screened-in porch merging outdoor and indoor living. Screened-in porches are a perfect place to host indoor parties, make a fireplace, and curl up on a rainy day on the daybed. 

Enhancing curb appeal can make your home stand out in the neighborhood and increase its market value. It sets a positive tone for visitors and potential buyers and creates a sense of pride in homeownership.

  1. Upgrade the Heart of the Home

Upgrading the hub of the house can greatly impact the house value by 5% to 15%. To start the kitchen renovations, you can consider highlighting three of the most significant aspects of the kitchen: the refrigerator, sink, and stove. The key tip is to keep these three areas in proximity to each other to ensure easy mobility. 

Choose durable and high-quality materials for counters, cabinets, flooring, and backsplash to ensure longevity and a sleek modern look. You should also maximize storage space with well-mounted shelves, drawers, and pantry solutions to keep your kitchen clutter-free. 

Select energy-efficient appliances such as energy-conserving dishwashers, induction hobs, ovens, and microwaves to reduce utility bills. Lastly, make sure to keep a cohesive kitchen design, in which you can keep the color, finishes, and hardware theme the same, which enhances the overall appeal of your house.

  1. Incorporate Smart Home Technology

Investing in smart technology, such as smart thermostats, home security, smart lighting, and virtual assistant, can promote convenience, energy savings, and enhanced security. For example, installing a smart thermostat can adjust your heating systems and schedules to elevate performance. 

Smart technology, such as security cameras, can keep homeowners updated via their mobile devices when they might be on holiday or at work. Smart lighting can perform the same job, as the system can mimic the presence of a person by switching lights on and off when it gets dark outside. Such updates can enhance property value and create a good impression on potential buyers. 


With these top home remodeling suggestions, you have a detailed road map for transforming your living area into a sanctuary that represents your style, satisfies your wants, and increases the value of your house.

Remember to research, consult professionals, and enjoy the process of remodeling as you create the home of your dreams.

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