Renting a Storage Unit? Here’s What You Need to Know

Whether you have a new startup, are an international student who goes back to their hometown every summer, or you have renovations going on in your home, storage units prove to be life savers.

Whatever your reason is for renting a storage unit, if you are a first timer, chances are, that you might not be aware of some crucial things.

What are those things? Well, read ahead to find out so you are aware of everything that you need to know before renting a storage unit or a self storage unit in Brighton or London. We don’t want you to make the wrong choice by being unaware of anything.

The Right Storage Unit for You…

…is the one that is right for you. This means that a very famous storage company might not be suitable for you, and a lesser-known one might turn out to be the right one.
Are we saying that you shouldn’t go for the famous storage providers? Definitely not. What we are trying to establish here is that each person looks for a self storage unit in Brighton or in any other place for a different reason.

One thinks of renting a storage unit for their business inventory, another wants it for their personal belongings. So while the purpose of the unit differs, so will the amenities.
The things that you want to store in a unit and your own personal preferences will determine the amenities and facilities that you would want with your unit. Examples? Climate control, CCTV and surveillance by guards, availability of padlocks, pick-up and packaging facility, etc.

So, know what facilities your items will require and whether or not you have the time to visit the unit yourself. It’ll help you make use of storage facilities’ coupons according to your preference.

How much does renting a Storage Unit Cost?

Just as the best storage unit differs for each person, so does their respective prices.

Just as the best storage unit differs for each person, so does their respective prices. The price for a self storage unit in Brighton is less than that in London, like the trend is with residential prices. Generally, units in the central parts of the city cost higher. Common sense.

The size of the unit, the location, and the amenities available will determine the price of your unit. If you don’t plan on visiting the unit often, then you can get a cheaper unit a little further away.

Some storage facilities coupons allow you to get a 15% discount on a stay of six months and above, so make sure you plan the duration of your stay beforehand.

Weigh the Pros and Cons of the Different Options Available Before Renting a Storage Unit

One pre-conceived notion is that a self storage unit is the only option available out there. This might be due to the lack of knowledge before renting a storage unit so know beforehand, that there are several better options available.

Some storage companies provide units without physical access in cheaper rates. This might turn out to be a way better option for you if you are always short on time.

These come with added ease and facilities. How so? STORED, which is famous for giving out amazing deals and storage facilities coupons to its customers, sends a two-man team and van service that packs, loads, and transports your things to the unit.

This way, you save up on fuel costs, and also, on the physical labor and your precious time. In sum, weigh the pros and cons of all the options available before making your choice.

Things you cannot Store in a Storage Unit

Before you go and start renting a storage unit, know that there are some things that you cannot store in a self storage unit in Brighton and elsewhere.

Yes, you can store your out of season clothes, books, machines, business inventory, and other personal stuff easily in a unit. But storing perishable goods or eatables is obviously not a smart thing to do. Neither should you keep anything living inside a storage unit.

No matter how airy the unit looks, your pets cannot and should not go inside a self storage unit. Same goes for illegal or stolen items. Something that’s not yours is not yours to store!

Also, everything that you store in your unit should be thoroughly dried and not wet at all! Anything inflammable or explosive should also be kept away. This includes all hazardous materials, for example chemicals, insecticides, liquor, fuels, firearms, air guns, acids, gases, etc.

What Happens in the Case of a Robbery?

Calamities like natural disasters, and theft or robbery can happen anytime, even if you opt for a highly secure self storage unit in Brighton or in the place where you live.

Most of the times, storage providers are not liable for any loss happened, unless they commit some mistake like serious neglect of security. This means that if you and your storage provider is unlucky one day, you won’t get a replacement or refund for your belongings.

Unless, of course, if you have insurance beforehand, in which case, you should make a claim as soon as you find out about the misfortune.

Some self storage units in Brighton and London like those provided by STORED include £500 standard liability in the storage package. Going for such options will be a smart move if your belongings are worth something monetarily or even emotionally.

Some Final Thoughts

So, now that you are aware of what makes a storage unit the perfect one for you, and how the costs differ according to your preferences, you should be able to make a good choice.

After doing a cost benefit analysis of all the options available, choose a unit with some sort of liability or insurance (our advice). Don’t forget that you cannot store everything in the world in a storage unit!

Now have some faith in yourself, you know about all the things that you one needs to know before renting a self storage unit in Brighton or in any other place.

Good luck with the storing experience!

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  1. You made a good point that I should be very meticulous when it comes to thinking about the security of the storage unit that I’m planning to rent. I’d like to keep some important documents in it so that they wouldn’t get damaged at home. Similarly, I wouldn’t want those documents to be compromised as well when inside a storage unit.

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