Reasons Why Women undergo Breast Augmentation in Singapore and Frequently Asked Questions regarding Pregnancy and Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is undeniably very popular in Asian countries. Singapore is actually the third on the list of “most number of reported breast augmentation procedures done” in Asia, following Thailand and South Korea. Thus, it is not a wonder that breast augmentation is usually available in the offered services for clinics specializing in reconstructive surgery in Singapore, like the Allure Plastic Surgery, headed by consultant plastic surgeon, Dr. Samuel Ho. There are various reasons as to why women undergo a breast augmentation in Singapore.

Common reasons women choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery

  • They have small breast. – This is probably the most common reason. Some women would just really prefer bigger breast. For them, a bigger breast will improve their physical appearance and boost their confidence.
  • They have lost a lot of weight. – Losing weight means also losing fats in the breast area, thus, may leave the breast looking saggy. Some women will opt to augment their breasts to be fuller as all the excess skin from losing weight will not complement their new fit and toned body.
  • They have just been through pregnancy. – Pregnancy will introduce a lot of changes to a woman – emotionally, mentally, and physically. All of these changes will also have an effect on how she will see herself – some lose confidence on how their bodies have changed. Having their breast augmented will help them feel comfortable again and they will start to love themselves again.
  • They are aging. – As we age, it is natural that our skin loses its laxity – and the skin around the breast is not an exemption. The fats and skin in the breast area will get saggy, which is an indication that we are not getting any younger. Some women will opt to have their breasts augmented to relive their youthfulness.
  • They have recently undergone mastectomy. – For some women, breast augmentation is their way to reconstruct their breasts after it has been removed due to certain medical conditions, such as breast cancer.

As breast augmentation is usually done for cosmetic reasons, nobody can pinpoint or judge what is a right or wrong motivation as to why a woman will choose undergo it. The popularity of the breast augmentation in Singapore is evidence that it is already wildly accepted. However, for sure, women who are still in doubt of getting a breast augmentation have a lot of questions in mind regarding the procedure and the life they will be living post-surgery. You can view breast augmentation before and after information on this post. 

There are a lot of reasons mentioned above, but this particular article, will discuss about pregnancy and breast augmentation.

Pregnancy and Breast Augmentation

Pregnancy and giving birth are considered rewarding experiences for a woman. After giving birth, most women will have to adjust to a lot of things – on top of taking care and nursing their child, she will have to adjust to the changes on her body.  It is inevitable that they it take a toll on her body and breasts. Her breasts can be stretch to a point beyond their ability to go back to normal. It will become saggy and smaller in size. In one way or another, this will have an impact on how a woman will see herself – some will feel unattractive. It is very fortunate that breast augmentation can solve their problems. However, getting a breast augmentation after pregnancy is a decision that needs a lot of thinking as it will not only affect you but also your child, especially if you are breastfeeding. Below are answers to frequently asked questions that may help a woman who had just gone through pregnancy and given birth decide whether to go or not to go for breast augmentation surgery:

  1. How long do I have to wait after pregnancy before I can get a breast augmentation procedure?

Answer: It is expected that your breasts will continue to change right after giving birth. It would most likely do so, especially if you decide to breastfeed. Changes will be evident until you finished breastfeeding. Thus, it is advisable that you wait at least 3 to 6 months after stopping breastfeeding before having breast augmentation procedure. This will give enough time for your hormones, weight, and breasts to reach their true post-pregnancy state.

Having breast augmentation during the period where your breasts may still be changing will only lead to unsatisfactory results.

  1. How about my future pregnancies, can I still breastfeed my future babies?

Answer: Having breast augmentation will not affect your ability to breastfeed nor will it pose any harm to your future pregnancies. Implants are safe for babies. To be sure though, make it a point to discuss with your surgeon that you intend to be pregnant and will breastfeed in the future. In this way, the surgeon will find a way to do the surgery that will allow your future pregnancy risk-free.

  1. Will a future pregnancy affect my implant after I underwent a breast augmentation procedure?

Answer: Expect that your future pregnancies will again introduce changes to your body and breasts. Either it will go bigger or smaller, depending on how your body copes, thus, also affecting the existing implants you had.

  1. How much time do I need to heal after the breast augmentation procedure? Will it hinder me from taking care of my baby?

Answer: Healing and recovery after a breast augmentation procedure will usually take 2 to 3 months. In the first 3-5 days, you will feel discomfort, pain, and bleeding from the incision may occur. Your surgeon will most likely give medication to control the pain and the feeling will eventually get better as time goes by. However, you will be required to take a rest during this period. Your doctor will ask you to avoid heavy lifting and other strenuous activities.

You may still probably take care of your child, but make sure that you are not alone and that you will not do the much physical activities.

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