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React Mobile App Review

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What Is React Mobile

“React Mobile helps you turn your smartphone into a powerful lifeline. The app has a “Follow Me” feature, that let’s your self selected contacts track your whereabouts in real-time whenever you’re concerned for your safety. Perfect for running or walking alone early in the morning or late at night, keeping track of kids, or meeting a client for the first time, simply touch the “I’m Safe” button to let your contacts know when you’ve arrived at your destination safely. In an emergency, press the SOS shield on the app to send out a panic alert containing a link to your GPS location to select emergency contacts via text message and email, which can optionally be posted to Facebook and Twitter. Once the SOS alert is activated, you’re automatically prompted to dial 911.”

My Review

I was in the Walmart parking lot last month, getting my children into their car seats, when I suddenly noticed that two men were approaching our vehicle. Even with the well lit parking lot and many people around, I suddenly felt panicked and frightened as I realized two strangers were walking towards my car (at night) and I had no way to defend myself. They suddenly stopped and stood from a distance, as I’m sure my panicked state was noticeable, then proceeded to show me the binders full of advertising pamphlets, and asked me if I would be interested in learning more about what they were selling. I quickly responded with a “no” and they were on to the next person walking to their car. I spent the whole car ride home thinking about the situation and how I would have handed it had it been a predator approaching my vehicle. Of course I went home and immediately insisted that my husband purchase me a stun gun and pepper spray! After coming to the conclusion that it probably wouldn’t be the best selection of items to carry in my purse, considering I have two children that are constantly searching through it for their things. It was only a short time later that I discovered I really great app that I believed was a perfectly safe solution. With a simple tap of the screen, I am able to send out an SOS in case I ever find myself in an unsafe situation. This is such a discreet and simple app that allows friends and family to be rest assured you make it to a location safely and they know you have the resource to ask for help if needed. I can’t say enough great things about this app and it’s just something everyone should have available to them on their cell phones. Here are a few photos I took to give you an idea if the interface of this app:

image image

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