Proper Nutrition: How To Choose A Menu For Each Day

A beautiful harmonious body, smooth silky skin, thick hair, strong teeth and steady erection – all of this is, above all, an indicator of health, and only then the fruit of the efforts of cosmetologists and other representatives of the beauty industry. And health, in turn, is in most cases the result of how each individual lives.

Of course, we can talk a lot about heredity and the influence of external factors that is, as a rule, negative. The general principle remains unchanged: the responsibility for the state of one’s own health rests with every person. People make their choice every day, throughout their entire life. It’s great if it is in favor of health! It’s not a secret for anyone that the well-chosen food plays an important role, so proper nutrition for every day is an integral part of a true way of life.

General rules

Before we start a detailed review of nutrition for each day, we would like to recall what is equally important with any diet.

  • The organism is able to function correctly only if it receives everything necessary regularly and at certain hours. A slight fluctuation within half an hour is allowed. Indiscriminate food intake usually leads to overeating, and in the end – to a gain of excess weight. In such cases, it is not necessary to speak about good health.
  • The variety of food is not only in composition, but also in structure.You can not eat only soft or liquid foods, just as you can not have a healthy digestive system, eating only hard and rough foods. For the full work of each organ of the gastrointestinal tract, you need to eat dishes that are different in structure.
  • Separate nutritioninvolves alternating carbohydrates and proteins. Mixing different products puts the organism in a difficult situation, since for the digestion of each of them it is necessary to separate out various enzymes. If you learn how to differ meals that are foreign in composition, then the food will be absorbed to the maximum, which means that the feeling of saturation will last for several hours, as it should be. Otherwise, even after eating hard, you can soon begin to feel hungry.
  • Thoroughly and slowly chewing food, you can not only quickly saturate, but also significantly improve the digestion process. Such an effect can not be achieved by grinding food in a bowl beforehand.

These theses are fundamental for the proper nutrition of any person, and if you follow a literate, balanced diet, such eating behavior will necessarily bring positive results for your body. Among them are:

  • strengthening the immune system;
  • regular and timely replenishment of energy and vitamin stores of the body;
  • prevention of digestive system diseases;
  • healthy metabolism;
  • excellent state of health and high working capacity;
  • maintaining a healthy weight.

The correct diet is able to significantly improve the overall condition of the body, but also cause pleasant changes in appearance. Skin problems in the form of acne will disappear, the condition of hair and nails will improve significantly, the figure will be tightened.

How to choose a menu?

A healthy diet for every day is a matter that at first may seem rather complicated, because not everyone has a clear idea of ​​what they eat and what they need. To understand what, in fact, is for the body all the food coming into it, you can divide it into main components and immediately determine the right amount of each component from which the diet of proper nutrition consists.

  • Proteins should occupy not less than one-third of the total daily volume of food.The body needs them very much, because they provide an opportunity to build new tissues, maintain recovery processes and recruit muscle mass. It is not difficult to calculate the necessary amount of proteins: you need to eat so that for every kilogram of body weight, there were about two grams of protein per day.
  • Carbohydrates. They make about half or a little more than a useful diet, being a source of energy for the body. Active brain activity, physical work and exercise are impossible without a sufficient volume of carbohydrate food. In turn, these substances can be classified as complex and simple. The first provide the person with energy for a long time, as a fairly large amount of time is required for their absorption, while the level of sugar in the blood does not make sharp jumps. The second group is of little use, since simple carbohydrates are split and absorbed into the blood simply by lightning speed. So the feeling of hunger comes also fast. The table shows which products belong to a particular category.


Complex Simple
buckwheat sugar
oatmeal white bread
wheat groats chocolate
nut, peas sweet soda
potatoes biscuit
bran halva


Using the example of this small list, you can understand how to distinguish “slow” and “fast” carbohydrates.

  • No more than one tenth of the fat is contained in the ration of the day of proper nutrition. This amount is quite capable of ensuring a healthy metabolism and normal functioning of all body systems.
  • There is another necessary element – fiber.It is indigestible dietary fiber and contributes to the timely cleansing of the body from harmful decomposition products. Vegetables, for example, cabbage and celery, are the richest sources of this component. By eating them regularly, you can solve such a digestive system problem as frequent constipation. Pectin – this is also fiber, which is found in apples , plums and other fruits. It performs a similar function.

Caloric value

No matter how well the diet for the day is balanced in terms of the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, it is necessary to monitor the size of portions. The total number of calories entering the body with food should not fall below the minimum value of 1500 kcal at the normal weight of a person.

At physical loads, an amount of 2000 kcal is considered optimal. To calculate this figure, you need to carefully study the labels of products lying on store shelves, before making a choice. Basing on caloric content, you will determine the optimal size of the portion.

The Meaning of breakfast

Many people are used to neglecting breakfast, hurrying to work, or simply consider this meal optional. Such a common mistake leads to the fact that the body begins its day with forced starvation, and by lunchtime, a brutal appetite awakens. It’s good if someone can combine a working schedule with a useful full-fledged lunch, but not all can afford such a luxury.

A quick snack in the nearest fast food café is a high-calorie bomb that enters the stomach in the form of completely “dead” food, creating only the illusion of saturation and reinforcement of strength. In fact, there is only an additional burden on the heart, liver and kidneys, because such food is stuffed with fats, simple carbohydrates and artificial food additives. It’s no surprise that at dinner people are no longer able to control themselves, because they are really terribly hungry, and the fridge is emptied indiscriminately. Go to bed with a stuffed stomach – is this rest? And in the morning – all over again.

Each product has its own time

With the correct nutrition, it is recommended to make up the menu for each day as follows.

  • Breakfast is, first of all, porridge, that is complex carbohydrates.A plate of oatmeal or buckwheat, wheat or pearl porridge will give a good energy boost for several hours. The brain will not lack food, and the working day will begin fruitfully. Another great option for breakfast is fresh fruit without additives.
  • Dinner may well consist of vegetables.Soup or ragout plus a salad of fresh herbs – these dishes do not burden the body with useless work, but are well absorbed and give strength. Fiber stimulates the activity of the digestive tract, the person does not feel any heaviness in the stomach, no bouts of drowsiness and lethargy.
  • For dinner, it is good to eat a portion of protein food.It can be mushrooms or dishes from legumes: soybeans, beans and so on. The protein is processed by the body overnight and will be put into operation. From 23 o’clock until 1 o’clock in the morning, while a person sleeps, growth hormones are activated, which are responsible for restoring damaged tissues, building new cells. Protein is involved in all these processes. Therefore, it is not necessary to include carbohydrate products into the dinner, you should consume them in the first half of the day.


Many people believe that between the main meals, you should not have a snack, but this is an erroneous opinion. The thing is, from what will be the snack. For example, a chocolate bar is not an option for a healthy diet, but fruits, nuts or a small slice of whole grain bread with a drop of honey will not only satisfy hunger, but also saturate the body with vitamins and other useful substances.

Tea and coffee should be replaced with herbal infusions or broth of wild rose, a drink of natural berries. Such drinks are remarkably invigorating and do not bring health anything but good.

Nutritional supplements

Sugar and salt are better to be completely excluded from the menu. They have no positive effect on the body, and the harm of these taste enhancers has long been proven. Salts are found in sufficient quantities in natural products, and sugar in its pure form is simple carbohydrates, leading to a gain of excess weight. Honey and dried fruits in small quantities will perfectly replace other sweets, while possessing a rich vitamin composition.


Pure non-carbonated water is essential for maintaining good health throughout the day. Participating in all metabolic processes, it removes toxins, slags and other harmful substances from the cells of the human body. Every adult should consume from one and a half to two liters of water to stay in good physical form and feel great.

The proper nutrition requires a thoughtful and serious approach, and the menu for the day can be made up independently, if you take into account this information and listen to the signals of your own body. Perhaps this task will take more than one day, but the result in the form of cheerfulness and excellent health will justify all efforts!

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