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Prize Candle Review

A special thanks to Prize Candle for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Prize Candle Review

How It Works

“Simply light your candle until your prize becomes visible. Snuff your candle wick and wait a few moments while the wax cools. Next, remove the prize pouch with a pair of tweezers. Carefully, unwrap the pouch and discover your new prize. View the code notated on the label that was wrapped around your prize and visit Prize Candle to view the value.

Prize Candle Review

My Review

I have been wanting to try out a Prize Candle ever since I first heard of them and was so delighted to have the opportunity! The whole concept is very intriguing and I would say it is similar to small time gambling (such as scratch tickets.)  The candle itself is very nice and my house smells absolutely fabulous whenever I light it in the evening. Even if this candle didn’t have a secret little prize waiting to be revealed, I would still purchase it based on it’s great quality. The fact that there is a piece of jewelry hidden in the wax is just an added bonus and I could not wait to see what I had waiting for me. Once the prize package started to show I quickly blew out the candle and allowed the wax to cool a bit. Then I grabbed a fork and removed the package from the wax where my ring was waiting for me to reveal it. After allowing the wax on the package to cool, I removed my beautiful blue ring and code, then headed to the Prize Candle website to see what my prize was worth. While I was hoping I hit the jackpot and scored the $2,000 ring, it turns out I had one valued at $25. This doesn’t change my positive opinions on this candle, the experience and excitement was well worth it in my opinion, plus the candle was very nice quality. I was overall very satisfied with my Prize Candle and think this would be a wonderful gift for friends and family!

Prize Candle Review

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